Brett Kavanaugh Gets An Unsolicited Endorsement From Roy Moore

Some politicians might be reluctant to stand by Judge Brett Kavanaugh, but not Roy Moore, who lost his bid to represent Alabama in the U.S. Senate to Democrat Doug Jones. Moore is feeling Kavanaugh's pain because he says that "they are trying to 'Judge Roy Moore' Kavanaugh," and keep him off of the Supreme Court by painting him as a molester.

The Washington Post is reporting that Moore is throwing his support behind Kavanaugh in solidarity after multiple women accused him of being inappropriate with them when they were minors and he was already an attorney.

So as Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Moore posted messages of support for the judge in the midst of a Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

"Brett Kavanaugh, like me, has withstood numerous investigations and vetting by the most rigorous legal and political authorities."

Roy Moore then gave a television interview talking about the similarities between his case and the situation that Kavanaugh finds himself in.

"They [Democrats] don't care about transparency. They know that on the one hand, you offend women if you believe somebody that says they weren't guilty of sexual misconduct. On the other hand, if you don't believe them, you're condemning the person accused of guilt to prove his own innocence. It's a Catch-22."

Roy Moore's wife, Kayla, also posted thoughts on Facebook, blaming the Washington Post for smearing both Judge Moore and Brett Kavanaugh. Last weekend the Post ran the first article quoting Dr. Ford, Kavanaugh's accuser, and the same paper broke a significant story on Moore during his attempt to beat Doug Jones.

Kayla Moore posted an indictment of the Washington Post.

"Interestingly enough, the same thing has occurred — again, compliments of the Washington Post — in the eleventh hour of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation.

"But the similarities don't end there.

"In both cases, the allegations are decades old. Despite both men having served in the public eye for years, neither was accused of any wrongdoing under higher office.

"But even more compelling is that in both cases, the accusers were affected by legal rulings related to the men. Moore presided over a divorce case involving one of his accusers, Beverly Nelson — and Kavanaugh's mother, a judge herself, presided over a foreclosure hearing involving one of Brett Kavanaugh's accusers.

"But despite the particulars, one thing seems clear: Accusations of sexual misconduct, whether true or not, are an effective tactic to derail a candidate — and perhaps a confirmation. And Alabamians have seen it firsthand, and in all its Washington Post/DNC glory."

Roy Moore has spent his time since the election filing lawsuits against those who he says have wronged him in order to "clear his name," as he mentions in the posts he has made on social media in an effort to raise money for his legal costs.