Machine Gun Kelly Continues Eminem Beef On 'The Breakfast Club'

Machine Gun Kelly made an appearance on the popular morning radio show The Breakfast Club on Thursday morning to discuss the topic that has dominated hip-hop for the last few weeks: his beef with rap legend Eminem. Kelly delved deep into the feud over the course of a thoroughly entertaining 40 minutes, as reported by TMZ.

While the interview was intended to serve as a neutral platform for Kelly, it was quite clear that some of the hosts, in particular, Charlamagne Tha God, were in Kelly's corner, supporting Kelly almost more for the chaos and entertainment he was causing more than any particular issues with Eminem.

With a countless amount of events to cover since Kelly emerged from relative obscurity after being on the receiving end of Eminem's disses a few weeks ago, the first topic went straight to the actual physical altercation that came from the feud. The altercation being a subtle reference to the beating that actor Gabriel Rodriguez from Kelly's security after the actor attempted to make disparaging remarks in front of Kelly while filming himself for social media, as covered by the Inquisitr.

Charlamagne had no problem with Kelly's course of action, saying, " People are saying whatever they want nowadays cause of social media." Kelly responded to the issue with a simple "no comment."

When the topic moves to Eminem's diss to Kelly, "Killshot," Kelly started by questioning why Eminem waited six years after the comment that initially started the beef, when Kelly commented on the attractiveness of Eminem's then-underage daughter in 2012. Kelly does reference that he had resolved the issues on that particular comment long before Eminem released his Kamikaze album.

"I'll apologize man to man, but a public apology? Come on," said Kelly, adding, "We're talking about the same guy who s**** on dead people and Christopher Reeves. Look man, it was a silly comment to have started all of this."

Considering that he and Eminem share the same record label, Kelly takes some time to talk about situations that could arise due to his poor relationship with the superstar rapper. When the hosts press Kelly as to whether Eminem's manager Paul Rosenberg had any hand in stalling the rapper's career, Kelly once again responds with a "no comment."

Kelly also points out that his career isn't just a byproduct of an Eminem diss, citing his 20 million albums sold and 10 acting appearances. "It's very hard for me to accept that this career just budded out of nowhere cause of him," said Kelly.