Mars Curiosity Rover Snaps Pic That Looks Like A Bottle, UFO Watcher Says It’s ‘Ancient Alien Culture’

The Mars Curiosity rover has snapped a picture that a “UFO hunter” claims is a bottle, and thus, evidence of an ancient alien civilization on the red planet.

As The Express reports, Scott C. Waring styles himself a “UFO hunter,” and he spends his days poring over every pixel of every photograph that comes from various satellites and other devices up in space. The saucy ones – that is, the ones that look like aliens or UFOs or things that shouldn’t be where they are – wind up on his website,

And this week, Waring posted a picture, snapped by the Mars Curiosity rover, that he claims shows an “antique bottle.”

“I found this when I was checking over todays [sic] downloaded Mars Curiosity rover photos on the official NASA blog. There appears to be an antique bottle laying on its side in the dirt under the rover. The bottle is small…about three inches across, but we have all seen an old bottle in the dirt before, and clearly here is another one on Mars.”

Here’s the picture that Waring claims shows the purported antique bottle, with an arrow pointing at it. It’s kind of hard to make out at this resolution.

And here’s the same picture again, zoomed in to the point that it’s pixelated beyond all reason and sanity.

And for the sake of comparison, here’s a picture of a bunch of antique bottles.

So clearly, as Waring posits, that image taken by the Curiosity rover is proof that there was an ancient civilization on Mars. An ancient civilization that, completely coincidentally, developed bottling technology, just like H. Sapiens here on Earth, and whose bottles look almost exactly like the ones we developed.

Well, not so fast. You see, there’s this thing called pareidolia, and it’s the tendency of the human brain to assign patterns to random data. Or to put it more simply, our brains have evolved to see things – usually faces, but also inanimate objects, geometric patterns, etc. – when there aren’t any. It’s the same reason why people “see” Jesus Christ in a tortilla shell, for example, when in reality it’s just the random pattern of scorch marks on the flour that the human brain assigns to a familiar image.

Pareidolia, if you haven’t already concluded, is the entire basis of the paranormal TV industry (along with fakery, but that’s an article for another time).

If there was ever life on Mars (and the jury is still out on that), it almost certainly wasn’t advanced enough to develop glass-making. What you’re seeing is simply a bit of rock, covered by dust and dirt in such a way that it kind of resembles a bottle when looked at up close.

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