Suspect In Pennsylvania Retirement Home Shooting Still At Large, Armed And Dangerous

A man entered a retirement community in West Chester, Pennsylvania, today and shot two of the residents dead before fleeing, Fox 29 reports. Authorities identified the suspect as Bruce Rogal, 59, of Glenmoore, in Chester County. He is driving a 2002 silver Honda Odyssey with the license plate ENN3549.

Authorities warn that he is armed and considered extremely dangerous. The shooting occurred Wednesday evening at the Bellingham Retirement Community in the 1600 block of Boot Road in West Chester. It is believed that the victims in the shooting were Rogal’s parents, William and Nancy. Both were in their late 80s.

It has also been reported by District Attorney Tom Hogan that the subject opened fire outside his estranged wife’s home, but no one was injured. Rogal received the paperwork stating his divorce was finalized on Wednesday. Driven over the edge, he set out for her home. He spotted her outside, where she was changing her car’s oil in her driveway. Rogal opened fire before driving off. While other homes were hit by stray bullets, no person was hit on this occasion.

The area has been put into lockdown and police are launching a major manhunt. They were called to the retirement home around 6:30 p.m. following the shooting. Schools within a two-mile radius were put into a lockdown state as well. This left some students safe, but stuck in their school buildings.

All the residents of the retirement community have since been escorted back inside.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms is assisting with the investigation, reports the International Business Times. As part of the efforts to find and arrest Rogal, the Westtown-East Goshen Regional Police issued a lockdown for the area within a two-mile radius of the retirement community. Police presence there is heavy, with several road closures and police helicopters hovering as they search for Rogal and attempt to apprehend him.

Workers at the retirement home are also on lockdown. Mike Galczyk was surprised by police roadblocks when he went to pick up his daughter Caylee, who is a server at Bellingham.

“She’s texting us saying she’s hiding inside with her team. She told us to stay safe out here,” Galczyk said.

Students stuck inside the West Chester East High School due to the lockdown were eventually released around 10 p.m., once the scene had been secured. The search for Rogal is statewide and ongoing, and anyone who sees Rogal should immediately call 911, authorities said.