Sommer Ray Reveals All In Super Small Bikini Top

Sommer wears a tiny bikini.
Rich Polk / Stringer / Getty Images

Sommer Ray posted a new Instagram photo several days ago, and it’s getting a ton of attention. So far, it has over 956,000 views and 6,000 comments, with fans letting her know that her look is on fire. In the photo, Sommer’s wearing a super small bikini top that only covers the top half of her chest, leaving the rest exposed in a pretty revealing manner. She completed the look with some matching bikini bottoms, lace-up sneaker heels, and a long coat draped over her shoulders.

Ray captioned the picture, “not all superheroes wear capes.. but i do.” Some people fixated on the fact that the “cape” is actually a jacket, but others liked that she called herself a superhero.

Ray sets herself apart from all of the other Instagram models by also being a fitness model. In fact, she was a bodybuilder when she was in her teens, thanks to her parents, who are both bodybuilders. And in addition to working on keeping her Instagram fans happy with her sultry snaps, she’s been busy working on a fitness app, according to Life and Style Magazine. This is how she described its capabilities.

“On most apps you have to write what you ate, on mine you can talk into the phone and it’ll calculate the calories, the protien [sic], everything. It does the math for you. It’s very innovative and I’m very excited to share it with the world.”

She also shared some secrets about how people can achieve a better physique, and it’s not just about working out.

Sommer said that she realizes lots of people work out really hard, but that isn’t good enough to help enact the right changes.

“A lot of people go to the gym, work out really hard, then don’t follow up with a good lifestyle. You can’t expect a flower to grow without any water. Work out, but also take care of yourself. Drink lots of water, that’s the key. A lot of times when I feel bloated, to me drinking a lot of water really gets rid of all that. And get plenty of sleep, my biggest pet peeve is looking puffy and tired.”

Meanwhile, Sommer is working her Instagram page, finding clever ways all the time to share her life with her fans. In another recent snap, she showed off a crochet-halter top that left little to the imagination. Sommer also shared a popular photo of herself posing in a pink bikini while wearing some see-through tights.