Cody Wilson, Owner Of 3D-Printed Gun Company, Defense Distributed, Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A Minor

Cody Wilson, the owner of the highly controversial company, Defense Distributed, which sells plans for an assortment of 3D printed guns, is being sought for questioning after allegations of sexual assault of a minor have been leveled against him, according to KVUE News. Wilson has been in the news quite a bit lately, mostly related to the manner in which he chooses to run his business. His decision to distribute plans for 3D printed guns was controversial, due to loopholes in laws and regulations regarding firearms handed down by the administration of Donald Trump.

Within days of the loophole allowing plans for 3D printed guns to be sold legally being made public, Trump gave the green light to his cabinet to take the necessary steps to close it down. Defense Distributed challenged the loophole being closed, and decided to stay in business distributing plans for 3D printed guns while awaiting a verdict from a federal judge. That decision came in August, and it was decided that the distribution of plans for 3D printed guns was not to be allowed. An order was placed to block access to the files on the Defense Distributed website.

Wilson decided to continue selling their 3D gun plans anyway, using email and USB sticks as a means of facilitating file transfers instead of through his website. While this reorganization of distribution plans was taking place, Wilson was also spending a lot of time on under the username “Sanjuro,” as reported by KVUE. The minor, believed to be 16-years-old, alleges that she met Wilson on that site, and they began messaging each other via iMessage as time went on. They eventually decided to meet.

When they met, she stated that Wilson picked her up in his black Ford Edge, and supplied a license plate number that corresponded to what is on file for that make of car registered to his company. He then took her to the Archer Hotel at 3121 Palm Way, where surveillance cameras caught the pair on film together. She claims that is where he sexually assaulted her, and then gave her $500. She also claims he messaged her using his real name and describing himself as a “big deal.”

Austin Police do not believe that Wilson is in the U.S., and are currently working with federal and international authorities to try to locate him. It is believed he may be in a non-extradition country where he is continuing to distribute plans for 3D printed guns. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is encouraged to contact the Austin Police.