‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: Week 12 Eviction, New HOH, And Nomination Rumors Swirl During Live Feed Blackout

The latest 'Big Brother 20' spoilers suggest that the new HOH is someone who will cause an exciting eviction.

Sonja Flemming / CBS

The latest 'Big Brother 20' spoilers suggest that the new HOH is someone who will cause an exciting eviction.

Big Brother 20 spoilers tease that Wednesday night’s episode should be an exciting one to watch. Viewers know that there’s an early eviction on the way and this player’s exit will determine the Final 4 for this season. The live feeds have been blacked out to try to prevent spoilers from emerging, but it looks like scoop has become available anyway.

As the Inquisitr has detailed, Sam and JC were left up for eviction after Kaycee won the Power of Veto and left the existing nominations in place. The target going into this Week 12 eviction has been Sam, and Big Brother spoilers suggest that everybody stuck with the plan.

The live feeds were taken down before this pre-taped eviction happened, and they are expected to stay down until after Wednesday’s episode airs on CBS. However, Big Brother spoilers have popped up on Twitter from a source that has been incredibly reliable throughout Season 20. In fact, the person behind this account has provided such reliably consistent insider information that many BB20 fans have speculated it’s run by executive producer Allison Grodner or someone sanctioned by Allison.

According to the “Real Vegas” Twitter account, Sam was evicted. In the Head of Household competition, JC supposedly beat out Tyler and Kaycee and this is a big development if it’s accurate. Unless Tyler and Kaycee decided to throw the HOH competition, and it seems unlikely they would, JC’s win is huge for Season 20 and throws a major wrench into the plans of his fellow houseguests.

Of course, Big Brother fans know that at this stage of the game, the nominations are virtually irrelevant. The key component is the Power of Veto, as the POV winner is guaranteed to get to the Final 3 and casts the sole vote for eviction if it’s won by someone other than the HOH.

It will come as no surprise that Big Brother spoilers suggest that JC is determined to see Angela evicted, and he supposedly has said that he’ll figure out a way to ensure it happens. In fact, he is rumored to have said in the diary room that he will win the veto now that he “needs” to win it.

JC and Tyler have supposedly been talking quite a bit, and Tyler has some careful mines to navigate here. Tyler’s goal is to get to that Final 2 and he’s spent much of Season 20 making deals with virtually everybody to try to make it happen. The last thing he wants to do is have to evict his new love Angela over Kaycee himself at this stage of the game, so it’ll be interesting to see how these conversations play out.

Big Brother spoilers from the same Twitter source indicate that the nomination ceremony took a long time and that ultimately, JC nominated Tyler and Angela. Big Brother Network points out that JC surely would have been the next houseguest evicted if he hadn’t won HOH, so it’s interesting that he managed to win when his back was against the wall.

The Power of Veto competition is expected to take place later in the day on Wednesday and Big Brother spoilers will likely leak shortly after the competition is completed. If JC wins it, he’ll probably leave the nominations the same and Kaycee will cast the vote for eviction. If Angela wins it, things will get really juicy inside the BB20 house.

Will Angela be the next one voted out as JC is hoping? How will Tyler and Kaycee play this one since they’ve been tight all season and have managed to keep that pretty well hidden from the others? Big Brother 20 spoilers tease that the next few days will be intense inside the house and fans can’t wait to see what comes next.