‘General Hospital’ Recap For September 18: Ryan Wants To Get Felicia Alone, Cam Makes A Discovery

Take a look at the recap for Wednesday's 'General Hospital.'

Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

Take a look at the recap for Wednesday's 'General Hospital.'

The General Hospital recap for Tuesday, September 18, has Nina confiding in Anna, Curtis possibly locating Nina’s daughter, and creepy Ryan having dinner with his twin’s ex.

Maxie learns that Lulu is writing the piece on the Ryan Chamberlain 25th anniversary story. Little do they know that a few tables away sits the actual murderer they are discussing. Walking around as Dr. Kevin Collins has its advantages.

Ryan is having dinner with Lucy, and as Soap Central points out, she is caught off guard by how nice “Kevin” seems to be. Maxie heads over to warn him about the story that Lulu is working on. He doesn’t seem to mind the story being written at all as he says, “I think the more we know about the psychotic mind, the better.”

Maxie proceeds to tell him that she is worried about her mom, Felicia. The mention of her name gets his full attention. He creepily offers to meet with Felicia to talk through her feelings. Lucy mentions inviting Mac and Felicia to have drinks with them, but Ryan said that he would rather have her alone for their talk. Lucy texts the couple and they are on their way over. This should prove to be an interesting meetup coming up on General Hospital.

Ryan is still obsessed with Felicia even after 25 years. You can bet that he will end up getting jealous with Mac there beside her. Fortunately, Maxie’s radar did go off as she mentioned to Lulu that something seems a little off with Kevin. Of course, she shrugged it off pretty quickly.

At Kim’s apartment, Drew agrees not tell Oscar about his brain tumor until after his birthday. He then leaves just as Julian shows up. Kim lies to him about Oscar’s health crisis saying it was low blood sugar that sent him to the ER. Julian wants to do what he can to get Oscar to like him, so he bought tickets for them to go see Hamilton. Kim is excited about it, until he says that the show isn’t until next spring.

Meanwhile, Drew walks into the Quartermaine mansion with Oscar and Sam there. He talks to Sam about his feelings on keeping Oscar in the dark. Sam wants to be there for her ex, but she gets upset when Drew tells her that isn’t a good idea. He would bear the burden alone. Sam is not happy with that answer and promptly leaves.

Cam is forced by Liz to go over to apologize to Joss for the kiss, but sees Oscar instead. They have a guy-to-guy chat. It got a little awkward, but they seem to be on good terms now after their fight over Joss.

Also on General Hospital, Curtis meets with a girl that he thinks is Nina’s daughter. Her name is Sasha. He tells her the story of his friend who he is trying to help. She doesn’t believe that her mother lied to her about being adopted, but she took the DNA test with her anyway to prove him wrong.

Nina heads over to talk to Anna about Cassandra and the danger she might be in. They have a nice chat. Anna is surprised to learn that Nina has not gone back to Valentin. They also talk about her lost child. Nina expresses her feelings about it and Anna was a comfort to her as well. They seem to have made a connection. Won’t Valentin just love that?

Liz has confided in Franco about Oscar. They have a chat about how Cam is going to feel after Oscar is gone. She says that her son will always remember how badly he treated Oscar and she wants to change that.

Later, Franco looks up a website on children’s brain tumors for some information about it. Cam comes home and overhears Franco leaving a message for Drew saying how sorry he was about Oscar. Franco heads upstairs leaving the computer on the site for Cam to see. He puts two and two together. He now knows that Oscar has brain cancer. Cam may just be the one who lets Oscar know that he is dying.

On Wednesday’s General Hospital, Curtis fills Valentin in on the meeting with Sasha, Michael lets Carly know that he is still struggling, and Nina wants to know what happened in the elevator between Maxie and Peter. Also, Griffin frets to Kiki and Ava confronts Julian.