Oklahoma Police Chief Bart Alsbrook Fired For Neo-Nazi Ties, Then Gets Job On Neighboring Police Department

When he was outed as the leader of a racist group with Neo-Nazi ties, Bart Alsbrook retired from his job as the interim police chief of an Oklahoma town last year. The Daily Beast reports that Alsbrook is still in law enforcement, he’s just moved towns.

He is now serving as a reserve officer in Achille, OK. The department chief said they are aware of Alsbrook’s past, but believe he is now reformed and no longer racist.

Achille is just 15 miles from Colbert, where Alsbrook had to step down after his past was revealed. Alsbrook, 50, is the former Texas coordinator for Blood & Honour USA. That group is a racist skinhead organization with Neo-Nazi ties. When he was named interim police chief, his racist hobbies came to light. Alsbrook also ran a neo-Nazi movie company, a neo-Nazi music company, and a skinhead website dedicated to displaying photos and videos of racist beatings.

“This page is designed to correspond with other White Nationalists on the Internet and to provide links, addresses and phone numbers of other Pro White groups,” the skinhead website read, above pictures of white skinheads attacking men of color. “It’s directly mainly toward Skinheads and the more ‘in your face’ crowd.”

Over the years, it seems Alsbrook made no effort to hide his white supremacist beliefs. He attended public gatherings of various skinhead groups, and his video company name was NS88 – a not-so-thinly veiled reference to the neo-Nazi code. NS often means national socialism, while the number 88 is typically used as shorthand for ‘heil Hitler’ in racist organizations.

In 1996, Alsbrook registered a website called Skinheads USA. He seems to have a desire to not only participate in racist organizations, but to spread the message as well. He appears in two skinhead documentaries, White Terror and Skinhead Attitude. In each, he openly describes his involvement with Blood & Honour USA and other hate groups.

However, when local media in Colbert started pressing him on his involvement, he denied the claims, saying he was a victim of identity theft. He said skinheads stole his wallet and identity in the 90s.

“I left all that racist stuff behind me 15 years ago,” Alsbrook said in a 2017 interview with the Herald Democrat. “Been helping people ever since. I have a clean record so I volunteered to be an unpaid police office a few years back.”

The city government of Achille said they are standing behind their new reserve officer.