Patrick Stewart Will Play Bosley In The New ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Movie

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The Elizabeth Banks reboot of the Charlie’s Angels movie franchise has already inked some big name stars, and now Patrick Stewart is one of them. He will be joining Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and newcomer Ella Balinska, playing the role of Bosley, the intermediary between Charlie and his angels, as confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter. Stewart joins the ranks of some other big names in acting by taking on the role, including Bill Murray, Bernie Mac, and David Doyle, who played the role on the original television series as discussed at the Inquisitr.

Banks is producing the movie for Sony, and will also be acting in it as well. While the movie focuses on the “newest generation” of angels, a lot of the details from the original series remain the same. The angels will still work for the Townsend Agency and they will still bail Bosley out of a jam now and then. What will be different is the new team of angels, a new Bosley, and the Townsend Agency has gone from a single office in California to an international security and intelligence service as reported by CBR.

While this reboot will focus on just one team of angels, there is some talk that if the formula works again, they may expand the franchise to include more teams, which may interact with one another in a prominent way. That would in part be substantiated by the fact that in this movie, Patrick Stewart won’t be the only Bosley. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Banks is also playing a Bosley, keeping with the rumors that each agency has its own Bosley.

For Stewart, Bosley is just one of many roles on his plate currently. He will be reprising the role of Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard for the new Star Trek television series for CBS All-Access, as well as Merlin in the upcoming Joe Cornish movie The Boy Who Would Be King.

Banks and Jay Basu wrote the script for Charlie’s Angels, and Bank’s husband Max Handleman, Elizabeth Cantillon, and Doug Belgrad (through 2.0 Entertainment) are financing the film. The movie is set for release in September of 2019. No concurrent projects were announced for Banks.

To this point, the fan reaction to adding Stewart to the film has been received very well on social media, as has the reworking of the Townsend Agency angle while still keeping the idea of Bosley and an unseen Charlie intact.