Julianne Hough ‘Finds Her Expression’ Through Dance In New Instagram Photo

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Julianne Hough is not afraid to captivate her fans on social media. The 30-year-old dancer/actress/singer has been sharing plenty of photos with her crowd on Instagram. Earlier today, the Inquisitr reported on an inspiring photo the star uploaded two days ago, in which she can be seen lifting her sweater to reveal a tank top, making a silly face in the middle of a deserted desert road. The message she shared in her earlier picture was one of encouragement for her fans, whom she told to “get out there and dance.”

Today’s newer Instagram photo followed the same theme as her previous photo. In this one, Hough is in the center of a room of dancers, presumably a dance workout class, in a glitzy studio. The dancers look like they are having fun while seriously working out, as their toned and muscular bodies suggest. The photo seems to have captured the dancers in the middle of a fun dance move, as the dancers display similar movements with excitement.

“Dancing makes me feel free and powerful in my own skin. When I dance, I’m reminded to surrender, play, inspire, release and expand :) #FindYourExpression,” Hough captioned the photo.

Hough’s sleek black outfit compliments her lean, toned body and looks luxuriously comfortable. Her Calvin Klein leggings hug her legs while appearing super soft and stretchable. The matching crop-top muscle tee is loose enough to allow flexibility while staying conservative and sensible. Hough’s shiny blond hair falls from a messy ponytail, but the look of joy on her face is captivating.

In an interview with SELF last year, Hough revealed that her passion for dance is the largest way she keeps such a fit figure. With so many fans admiring her seemingly perfect washboard abs, it may be surprising that she doesn’t claim to do any target ab exercises.

“I’m so used to dancing that I’ve never really focused on my abs. But when I was at a wedding the other day, I was teaching [a friend] how to do a couple of samba moves, and she goes, ‘Oh my gosh, this is why you have abs [definition].’ And I was like, you’re right!” Hough told SELF. She also shared her favorite workout classes CorePower Yoga and Body By Simone.

Hough has danced throughout her career, so her fitness revelations are nothing new. In 2017, she went on the Move Beyond Live Tour with her brother Derek Hough. Both Julianne and Derek Hough sang and danced in shows. The brother and sister artists are well-known for their roles in Dancing With The Stars and have both received Emmy Awards, according to Playbill.