About Tiger Woods Not Being Drunk: Turns Out He was Snoring Post Accident

The Tiger Woods soap opera continues with neighbors casting doubt on his claim he wasn’t drinking by telling police he was snoring post crash.

The Florida Highway Patrol has released audio of an interview with Jarius Lavar Adams, apparently among the first to arrive on scene after Tiger Woods crashed his car into a fire hydrant and a tree.

Adams says on the audio that Woods was “snoring” when he arrived on scene. Jarius also said that Tiger’s Mrs, Elin was sitting next to Tiger in shock, watching him.

He did also say that he didn’t detect the smell of alcohol on Tiger, which is a bonus for the fallen golf star to a point, except that people knocked out in car accidents don’t usually snore. Indeed, being knocked unconscious means exactly what is says; likewise falling asleep drunk usually results in…snoring.

Like meatloaf through a straw, these are the days of Tiger Woods.