Prince William & Kate Middleton Raise Their Children In An Environment That's As Close To Normal As Possible

Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrated seven years of marriage on April 29, days after she gave birth to their third child, Louis Arthur Charles, who is commonly known as Prince Louis. From their engagement right up through today, the couple has carried on the legacy of William's mother, the much-loved Princess Diana, and that includes the manner in which they are raising their children. Although it isn't possible for children in the royal family to live the life of a commoner, William and Kate, like Princess Diana, do whatever they can to create an environment that is as close to "normal" as possible for them to grow up in. A royal insider said it's something that the royal couple makes a priority in their lives.

A Caribbean island, a summer home, and a castle were the places in which Princess Charlotte and Prince George spent their summer -- not exactly a commoner's life. Now that the new school year is underway, however, Kate and William will return to their family routine, which includes some things that are surprisingly normal -- like the duke and duchess sharing the responsibility of taking the children to school. They don't delegate this task to a member of the royal staff but instead take turns driving 5-year-old George and walking 3-year-old Charlotte to school according to Us Weekly. The parents' choice to send them to school outside the palace continues the practice started by Princess Diana. The little prince and princess study the same thing as other students and are limited to an hour of television a day.

Hand-me-downs aren't beneath the royal children either. Prince Louis is reportedly wearing some of the same clothes his older siblings wore as children.

Prince George does homework and studies math, geography, and French like the other students at Thomas's of Battersea in London, and Princess Charlotte does what so many girls her age do -- plays hostess to people who visit her home by offering them tea, coffee, or sweets. The two eldest are reportedly very different, with Charlotte being more outgoing and "bubbly."

One source said, "She's definitely the biggest character of the three children at the moment."

Different from his sister, George is described as being the shyer of the two.

No one knows what kind of personality 4-month-old Louis will have, but at this point, he seems to be a happy child, with one friend of the family saying, "He's very quiet and content, always smiling and happy."