'Stranger Things' David Harbour Kept Promise To Officiate Fan's Wedding

David Harbour is known for his role as Jim Hopper in Netflix Original series Stranger Things. The actor reminded his 917,000 Twitter followers this weekend that he was a man of his word and a man who cared about his fans.

On Saturday, the Stranger Things actor shared a heartwarming picture of himself decked out as Jim Hopper as he stood with a very happy wedding party.

"Hey internet. I know it's been awhile. I retreated. Needed some space. You probably get it. But I've been thinking about ya in the interim," Harbour said at the introduction of his post.

He added, "So me and some fun folks in Springfield, Illinois made good on our promise we made all those months ago."

For those who aren't familiar with David's interaction with his fans or those who don't follow the actor on social media, he comes off as a genuinely great guy. According to Mashable, this isn't even the first time Harbour has both made and kept an unusual promise to a fan.

In October of last year, a user with the Twitter handle @postydamaris, reached out to David and asked how many retweets she would need to get him to appear in a photoshoot with her.

"25k. And I get to wear the school sweatshirt and hold a trombone," the actor responded within half an hour of the high school senior asking the question.

In just 24 hours, the high school senior was able to reach her goal and Harbour held up his end of the agreement. In January of this year, David kept his promise and posed for her senior pictures while donning one of her school's sweatshirts with the promised trombone in hand.

A few days after the senior photos were posted on Twitter, a separate Twitter user by the name of Ericka also reached out to David.
Roughly 24 hours later, Harbour responded to the request.
"125k retweets. Provided date works with s3 shooting schedule, I will get ordained and perform ceremony. I get to read an esteemed love letter of my choosing, and after the cake is officially cut, I get the very first piece. #allthecakes"
Harbour agreed that as long as the wedding didn't conflict with the shooting of Stranger Things Season 3, he was all in. He did, however, want the first slice of wedding cake.
While the bride is not identified beyond what most assume to be named Ericka based on her Twitter profile, the Stranger Things actor did make good on his promise and officiated the wedding as Jim Hopper.