Romeo Miller Shows Off His Aston Martin DB12 Sports Car In Latest Instagram Snap

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Growing Up Hip Hop’s Romeo Miller is busy with all sorts of business and musical projects, and it’s not like all of his hard work has been for nothing. In his latest Instagram photo, Romeo shows off his Aston Martin DB12. Romeo’s photographed walking away from the car, wearing an all-black outfit with some pink sneakers. The car itself is painted in a sleek and shiny black, and the backdrop isn’t so bad either, depicting a beautiful ocean and some mountains. Fans loved the photo, and encouraged Romeo to “keep climbing.” This is what he said in the captions.

“I said, find the most elegant home that awakes upon the clouds and sleeps with the ocean. I understand the climb may be tough, but the view is always better at the top. When you are doing what you love, you don’t have to go to sleep to dream.”

The post is geo-tagged Malibu, California. Some fans turned their attention to his potential relationship with Angela Simmons, as they said they hope Romeo will end up with her. There’s been a lot of fan speculation about them eventually becoming a couple. If the two really do have feelings for each other, however, it could be difficult to sort them out under so much scrutiny.

Several months ago, Romeo gave an interview where he discussed how men are afraid of powerful women. This is what he said, according to Vibe.

“I feel a lot of men nowadays, they say they want a strong woman and a powerful woman then when they come across them they are kind of afraid… Beyonce said it best ‘Who run the world? Girls!’ We’re only here because of a woman.”

Apparently, Beyonce inspired Romeo quite a bit as he wanted to get back into music because of her. He said that it all happened when he saw her performing at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. when he saw “a powerful and strong woman do it ten times better than any man.” Those are some great compliments for Beyonce!

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On the other hand, this is hardly the first time that Romeo’s flaunted one of his cars. Five days ago, he posted a picture of his yellow Lamborghini, which he simply captioned “L A M B T A L K.” Fans loved that picture too, as people called him “Baller,” said it was “too raw,” and simply, “nice.” In that photo, Romeo’s photographed sitting inside as he goes to shut the door, sporting a red beanie and sports jersey.