Reporter Covering Hurricane Florence Stops Live Broadcast To Save Resident’s Therapy Dog

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Reporting the news is extremely important, but so are dogs. Reporter Julie Wilson paused during a Facebook Live broadcast to rescue a pooch she saw struggling in the water. Wilson was in the field for local ABC affiliate WTVD when she spotted the dog and its owner, ABC reports.

Wilson saw a woman, later identified only as Tasha, attempting to rescue the dog from the knee deep water surrounding her in Bern, North Carolina.

She inquired if it was safe, and Tasha said “It’s my daughter’s therapy dog, I have no choice.”

The dog, a Rottweiler, was injured. In the video, Tasha returns indoors and Wilson continues to report on the activities surrounding her, which included some people floating to safety in a boat. Wilson kept an eye on the situation and waited for Tasha to come out of her home.

“This is no joke, folks, when they tell you or encourage you to leave,” Wilson reiterates in the video.

Tasha eventually did exit her home, and was evidently still having difficulty with the animal. She was having trouble maneuvering the dog through the water. Wilson stepped in and asked if the dog could be carried.

Then, she passed the camera to Tasha and picked up the dog herself. Wilson comforted the dog as she carried her, telling her she would be OK. In the background, Tasha repeatedly thanked Wilson for helping her save the dog.

“Nobody is leaving the dog in this mess,” Wilson said. “That’s what we are doing out here.” Tasha and the dog eventually made it to shallower waters, and the dog appeared safe. Then Tasha told Wilson that her son was still in the home attempting to save another dog.

Therapy dogs are not just members of the family; often, they are huge investments. They are specially trained to help individuals who need them, and a great deal of time, money, and training goes into each beloved pet.

Hurricane Florence was upgraded to a tropical storm this Friday afternoon. So far, Florence has left five people dead. A reported 800,000 are without power, and other destruction remains to be seen. Winds are tearing through the area at 105 miles per hour, while rain is pouring down, causing flash floods in some areas.

Hopefully the area will make it through relatively unscathed, but at least one dog is now safe from the storm, thanks to Tasha and Julie Wilson.