Halle Berry Shares Secrets For 'Building That Booty' On Instagram

Halle Berry shared a photo with her trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, on her Instagram profile on Friday. The duo and "fitness couple" teamed up again for another hashtag "FitnessFriday." As previously reported in Inquisitr, the pair has worked together to launch a series called hashtag "PHITtalks" on Berry's Instagram profile, as a way to answer questions from fans about Berry's fitness routines and tips on healthy living and wellness. The 52-year-old actress has wowed fans and her trainer with her athleticism and physical abilities.

Thomas told People earlier this year that Berry shocked him with her fitness level.

"I had no idea what her age was when I met her. I never looked or was interested in that and when I found out I was absolutely shellshocked because she has the discipline and athleticism of a 25-year old."

Berry's post today features a photo of herself and Thomas standing back-to-back and looking into the camera. Their arms are folded as they wear matching mesh tops and black leggings. Berry and Thomas both display their sculpted arms and toned torsos in the post. Berry shared some details about today's PHITtalks in the photo caption.

"Happy #FitnessFriday, everybody! On this week's #PHITtalks, we talk building that booty, the carnivore diet, the perfect workout gear and more! Check stories today BONUS - Would like to discuss #RecoveryGear for a sec, as its an untold secret among athletes and fitness professionals. Compression wear can be great for working through muscle and back pain - they can protect you from raspberries and even the sun if you're working outdoors. Will be modeling some of my favorite pieces and brands in stories. ENJOY."
In Berry's Instagram story, the pair appear together seated on a couch with bamboo growing up a wall in the background. The two fitness buffs go on to address topics including diet and high-intensity workouts.

The first question was about workout gear, and Berry opened up about what she was wearing. She talks about the benefits of compression clothing, and Thomas gave additional details about how compression gear can help accelerate healing after an intense session.

After sharing some images of her favorite workout gear, Berry and Thomas tackle a question about the best butt workout. Thomas goes into the benefits of squats, and Berry revealed that the classic workout move had special benefits for women like her who were working on aging gracefully.

Berry has been in peak workout mode lately as part of her intense training for two upcoming roles. She will play Sofia in the upcoming John Wick 3, and recently announced she will star in her upcoming directorial debut with the MMA-drama, Bruised.