‘General Hospital’ Fans Have Strong Opinions Over That Maxie And Peter Elevator Encounter As Romance Brews

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital writers have been laying the groundwork for a Maxie and Peter romance for months now, even though a large contingent of fans are solidly against the idea. The show has given Maxie time to grieve Nathan’s heartbreaking death, but all signs point toward a storyline that has her starting to consider the idea of finding love again. Friday’s episode found a way to throw these two characters together and fans didn’t hesitate to share their feelings about it on Twitter.

Soap pairings tend to be controversial no matter which characters are involved, but this potential coupling of Maxie and Peter has really had General Hospital viewers talking. To a large degree, the reason a lot of fans are resistant is that actor Wes Ramsey, who plays Peter, is the real-life love of Laura Wright, who plays Carly. Due to that connection, many GH viewers feel as if the character is being forced on them.

However, as the Inquisitr has shared, actress Kirsten Storms, who portrays Maxie, has made it clear that she has a lot of respect for Ramsey and enjoys working with him. It seems that Kirsten is open to her character of Maxie growing closer to Peter, so perhaps fans will start to warm up to the idea as well.

During Friday’s show, Peter and Maxie got stuck in an elevator together. She remained calm and called for assistance, but he started to have a panic attack. He got overheated and took off his shirt, and she sat down with him and tried to reassure and distract him until they could get back out.

By the looks of the reactions across Twitter, the idea of having Peter panic and take his shirt off earned more than a few eye rolls. Granted, the look on Nina’s face when saw Maxie and Peter stumble out of the elevator together, with his shirt still off, did seem to generate some laughs that were very much needed in the midst of this.

Some folks on Twitter got a good laugh over this rather predictable situation. As much as General Hospital viewers tend to love to hate Peter, there are those who are really starting to like Maxie and Peter together and see the potential for a great love story with them.

Can the General Hospital writers win over viewers with a romance between Maxie and Peter? It certainly looks like Wes Ramsey is sticking around and the show is working on finding ways to redeem him. Kirsten Storms seems ready to see Maxie move forward with her life, and while there are a few potential candidates for her in terms of a romance, she does seem to like the idea of seeing these two together.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that this will proceed slowly as Maxie continues to struggle over her conflicted feelings for Peter. The stuck elevator situation may have struck many viewers as rather contrived, but it looks likely that there are more scenarios like this on the horizon. Can fans come to accept the “Paxie” pairing eventually? Everybody will certainly be curious to see where things head next.