‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Host Chris Harrison Says If Jenna’s Faking Her Love For Jordan, ‘She Fooled Me Too’

Lorenzo Bevilaqa/Paul HebertGetty Images

Chris Harrison, the host of the Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, has seen his fair share of lovers and ex-lovers as they enter the show in hopes of finding their perfect match. When he was asked about what he thinks about the cheating allegations leveled against Jenna Cooper, Chris appeared to have been taken aback by them as much as anyone else. This is what Harrison had to say about the matter, according to Newsweek.

“All I can say that is when I left them on the beach engaged, they seemed to be very much in love… The last time I saw them together was onstage at the special we shot. If she’s faking it, she fooled me too. I haven’t talked to either one of them, so I don’t know the validity of any of it.”

So Jordan Kimball shouldn’t feel so bad, because if Jenna really did two-time him, then even someone who’s seen it all, like Chris, was fooled as well. Harrison also added that he hoped that things would work itself out, namely that the accusations would turn out to be false.

“I don’t know whats happened since today because it seems to be like a very fluid situation. I hope it’s not true, I truly do. That would be a pretty terrible thing to do. I know Jordan is a very good guy. Jordan is very much in love with her.”

And while Chris appears to be giving Jenna the benefit of the doubt, Jordan himself has already moved on.

Kimball posted on Instagram that he’s removing himself from the relationship, and also appeared on a podcast with Reality Steve to discuss all of the little details that went into his decision.

At this point, the only information the public has is what Steve has released, alongside the interviews that Jordan has given. Jenna has denied the claims on her Instagram, but hasn’t done anything further at this point.

Meanwhile, Bachelor fans are focusing their attention on the other successful couples from the season instead. For example, Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone appear to be doing extremely well. They’ve given some cute, loving interviews and can’t stop posting adorable photos on their social media accounts. Kendall Long and Grocery Store Joe are also going strong after a brief hiccup at the end of Paradise.

As far as the Jenna-Jordan drama goes, fans will just have to wait to see if new developments are announced. In addition, fans are calling on Chris to do a special sit-down interview with the estranged couples in hopes of untangling the mess.