Georgia Governor Nathan Deal Declares State Of Emergency Ahead Of Hurricane Florence’s Wrath via Getty images

New predictions about Hurricane Florence’s destructive path caused Georgia Governor Nathan Deal to issue a warning to the Peach State. Georgia is now under a state of emergency, and it’s expected that Hurricane Florence could reach the northeast portion of the state by Monday. Although the wind should be significantly lower by that time, the odds of flooding are still very high.

Per the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Nathan Deal implored everyone in the projected path of the hurricane to act now:

“In light of the storm’s forecasted southward track after making landfall, I encourage Georgians to be prepared for the inland effects of the storm as well as the ensuing storm surge in coastal areas.”

It’s important for Georgia residents to be aware that these predictions could change as the hurricane draws closer. At the present time, meteorologists cannot say with any certainty exactly where Hurricane Florence will make landfall, although the recent shift indicates it’s headed more toward the south than expected.

If further shifts occur, the coastal regions of Georgia could be at risk from the brunt of the storm’s cone. Right now, though, Georgia is poised to miss the worst of the wind. Rainfall could still be a huge issue, so anyone living in a flood-prone area of northeast Georgia should start making plans now for potential water damage and even the possibility of an evacuation.

Governor Nathan Deal gives press conference
Featured image credit: Public Information Office Flickr(CC BY 2.0 )

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that the Atlanta area is expected to get at least 1 inch of rain, but the areas to the east and northeast are likely to get a higher amount. This may not be enough to cause any evacuations in Georgia, but it would almost certainly cause flooding in low-lying areas, along with traffic jams and possible school closings.

Residents of the Carolinas currently have much more to worry about than Georgians as their coastal regions are predicted to get slammed with water and wind. Hurricane Florence is a category 4 storm right now, and it’s likely to reach the coast before it’s downgraded. Water surges of 4 to 13 feet are expected on the coastline, along with waves of up to 40 feet. Add to this expected rainfall amounts of up to 40 inches, and it’s no wonder that some experts have dubbed this a once in a lifetime storm.

Georgia citizens would be well-advised to stay tuned to their local weather reports for any last-minute shifts in the hurricane’s path. For now, it’s best to review your natural disaster emergency plan and to make sure that you have the proper supplies gathered to ride out any flooding or power outages. Don’t forget to add your pets to your plan. By heeding Governor Nathan Deal’s warning about Hurricane Florence possibly hitting Georgia, you can reduce your risk of suffering from any serious damage.