‘One Piece’ Chapter 917 Spoilers: Luffy Unleashes Yonko’s Power, Beats Holdem Using Red Hawk

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One Piece Chapter 917 is yet to be officially released but spoilers are already surfacing on the web. The upcoming chapter of One Piece will feature Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro wreaking havoc at Bakura Town. Will the Strawhat Pirates succeed to defeat Emperor Kaido’s subordinates and free Tama?

In the spoilers posted at Reddit, One Piece Chapter 917 will reveal the two different situations in the Wano Country. The people who remain loyal to the Kozuki clan live in a contaminated place mostly consisting of small houses made of wood. Meanwhile, those who worship Emperor Kaido have access to a beautiful farm where a variety of foods can be harvested.

One Piece Chapter 917 will feature another headliner of the Beast Pirates – a female Centaur gifter who has a black and white hair. The headliner looks very sexy from afar, but when up close, she has a smiling horse face.

The upcoming chapter of One Piece will also show Tama inside the mouth of Holdem’s lion. The little ninja girl immediately cried for help when she saw Luffy, Zoro, and O-Kiku. Unfortunately, her friends have no idea where she is. O-Kiku mentioned Jack, one of Emperor Kaido’s right-hand men, to Luffy, and the Strawhat Pirates’ captain recalled what he did to Zunisha. The food carried by Kaido’s subordinates caught Luffy’s attention, but he remembered that they need to save Tama.

Emperor Kaido’s men succeeded to capture O-Kiku, but Luffy and Zoro didn’t do anything. However, it was later revealed that the Strawhat Pirates are already starting to execute their plan to save Tama and defeat Emperor Kaido’s subordinates. While Zoro backs him up, Luffy attacked the lion on Holdem’s stomach. The lion’s teeth broke, and blood started to come out of his mouth.

After freeing Tama, Luffy stole the cart carrying plenty of foods from Emperor Kaido’s subordinates. Luffy attached the cart to the dog who brought them to Bakura Town. He also carried O-Kiku and Tama on their way out of the town. However, Holdem didn’t let them escape easily. The lion attacked them with fire. Luffy managed to dodge, but he ended up dropping Tama. Luffy started to get serious and completely defeated the enemy using his Red Hawk.

One Piece Chapter 917 also featured the encounter between Basil Hawkins and Trafalgar D. Water Law. Hawkins didn’t recognize Law because his face was covered with straws. However, Hawkins started to have suspicions about the mysterious man’s identity.