Melania Trump Receives Backlash For 'Narcissistic' 9/11 Tribute

Trisha Faulkner

Yesterday marked the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. For some, the sting and tragedy of something that occurred nearly two decades still feel like it happened just yesterday. Today, September 11 – and the days surrounding it – are an opportunity for many Americans to reflect on what happened and pay their respect to all the lives lost on that tragic day.

FLOTUS Melania Trump added to the sea of 9/11 tributes on Twitter before joining her husband, Donald, for the memorial service in honor of the Flight 93 victims in Shanksville, PA. Melania shared a picture of herself and the POTUS standing with two military guards on each side of the couple just outside of the White House. Both guards and Donald held up their hands in salute form. This photograph of Melania and her husband was taken during last year's 9/11 memorial service, Yahoo Lifestyle reports.

What the FLOTUS likely intended to be nothing more than her way of reflecting and paying tribute to 9/11 was not well-received by her 10.9 million followers on Twitter.

The FLOTUS's tribute on Twitter was short and to the point as she used the hashtag "#NeverForget," followed by the date of September 11, 2001. According to Yahoo Lifestyle, it was Melania's choice of photo that her critics ultimately found to be distasteful, narcissistic, and inappropriate.

In just shy of 24 hours since the time it was posted, Melania's tribute to 9/11 has accumulated nearly 9,000 retweets, 44,000 likes, and just shy of 2,000 comments. While some of the Twitter users in the comment section joined the FLOTUS in paying tribute to the tragic day in American history, most of the comments slammed Trump for posting such as "self-absorbed" and "narcissistic" photo.

"Quick tip: When posting about a tragedy, a photo of yourself is never a good choice. When in doubt, just an american flag will do," a second added.

A third agreed and questioned why the FLOTUS didn't take a few moments to find a more appropriate picture to attach to her tribute.

"Why you essentially post a selfie to commemorate this solemn day? There are plenty of images available through Google that would be less narcissistic and self serving."

Unphased by the backlash her 9/11 tribute received, Melania posted a second photo of herself and Donald attending the memorial service.