2nd Graders Correct NFL Tweets To Learn Proper Spelling, Grammar

A group of 2nd graders decided to correct NFL tweets as a way to learn proper grammar and spelling, and the results weren’t pretty. For the players, that is.

The 2nd graders from Elmwood Franklin Elementary school in Buffalo, New York were tasked with finding the errors in tweets sent by NFL players. What they found were mangled sentences, misspelled words, and the type of lazy errors that come with squeezing complete thoughts into 140 characters or less.

As the 2nd graders corrected the NFL tweets, the school posted the best examples onto its Facebook page. The images quickly went viral, shared on numerous sports blogs including the NBS Sports site Out of Bounds.

One of the tweets was sent by Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young, a message that gained attention in a recent spat he had with the team. Young took to Twitter to air some of his grievances with not seeing the ball much — though to be fair, he was playing opposite Calvin Johnson, who had one of the best receiving years of all time.

Young tweeted: “It’s true I could be alot better, But wit the football”

His rough spelling and grammar and disregard for punctuation gave the 2nd graders a chance to correct the NFL tweet, placing marks over the errors in blue pen.

Another example was a tweet from 49ers player Chris Culliver. He just got in trouble for remarks that the team would not be welcoming of a gay player in the locker room, causing a media firestorm and getting himself sent to sensitivity training.

Apparently, Culliver can’t spell very well either. For the assignment, the 2nd graders corrected his tweet that read, “I pray to God I’m never dieing broke.”

2nd Graders Correct NFL Tweets To Learn Proper Spelling, Grammar

To see the 2nd graders correct the NFL tweets in full, check out the school’s Facebook page.