A Scientist Has Created His Own Drawing Of What The SpaceX BFR Might Look Like Inside On Journey To Mars

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With the SpaceX mission to Mars so very close now, many enthusiasts are already getting excited about the journey, and now a scientist has come up with his own unique and detailed drawing of what the Big Falcon might look like on the inside as it carries its first passengers to the Red Planet.

As Business Insider reports, Elon Musk’s plan to send the very first humans to Mars is currently slated for 2024, and to succeed in this daring six-month journey, SpaceX will be using the 347-foot-tall Big Falcon Rocket, otherwise known as the BFR.

With a 16-story spaceship involved here and a prototype of the Big Falcon Spaceship currently being worked on in Los Angeles, SpaceX’s COO Gwynne Shotwell has stated that the company have tentatively planned to do some launches of the ship at the end of 2019.

This is where the new drawing of the SpaceX ship to Mars comes in. After all, even though there are graphics of the inside of this ship floating around, none of these have detailed the specifics of how the ship will function with astronauts inside of it.

Enter 29-year-old scientist Nick Oberg from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, who has come up with his own nifty illustration of what the SpaceX journey to Mars might look for its lucky passengers.

While Oberg’s drawing may appear to be just hitting the news now, it was first posted in Reddit back in June, and the illustration eventually ended up on Twitter, where Elon Musk himself spotted it and liked it.

Describing his unique drawing of the Big Falcon Spaceship that SpaceX will ultimately be sending to Mars one day, Oberg noted that it was the lack of details about the Mars spaceship that really inspired him to create his illustration.

“It was really out of impatience that I made this, because I can’t wait to see what SpaceX is going to do with its mission. I was also excited to show other people what was happening, to make it seem more real. It’s like a magic trick that’s too good: It seems to go over people’s heads. You can say, ‘We are going to build a giant rocket ship,’ but most people don’t understand. I thought illustrating it would help.”

Included in his drawing of the spaceship are crew cabins, hydroponic greenhouses, and special showers where “water is pulled through the shower room by powerful fans. Waste heat from the life support system goes into providing hot water. Capacity for up to four crew.”

Nick Oberg has pointed out that because he is not an engineer, those that actually are may look at his illustration and notice that it “almost certainly has completely ridiculous things in it that make no sense.”

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In a perfect world, the living quarters on the SpaceX Big Falcon Spaceship would allow for plenty of privacy as astronauts will be here for the six-month journey and may even live here for quite some time after they have landed on Mars. Oberg provided a lively illustration of each astronaut’s own personal living space.

“Each crew member has a personal space equipped with bed, illumination, a portal window to the outside, electricity, and connection to the ship net. Removable partitions allow for crew to bunk together and expand their private space if desired.”

Communal areas will also be important for astronauts on their sojourn to Mars, and of this area Oberg has envisioned how in his world there will be a large open space available and free for everything from exercise to movie nights.

“One large open volume dominates the interior ship layout. The area allows for communal activities such as eating, sports and play, musical performances, and movie nights. Exercise and kitchen equipment can be found in this area — and perhaps most importantly, the coffee machine.”

While we may not have an official launch date yet set for the Big Falcon to head to Mars as there is still so much work left for SpaceX to do, illustrations like Oberg’s do provide us with plenty of inspiration for the journey ahead.