Cardi B Doesn’t Regret Nicki Minaj Fight At NYFW

Andrew TothGetty Images

This weekend saw the culmination of a rap beef that had been brewing for the past year, with Cardi B and Nicki Minaj finally confronting each at an after-party during New York Fashion Week after plenty of subtle and not-so-subtle shots at each other as well as a musical collaboration. With a few days of distance from the fracas, sources close to Cardi have revealed that the “Bodak Yellow” rapper has no regrets about the situation and if placed in the same circumstances would do exactly the same thing, according to reports from TMZ.

The source revealed that Cardi’s physical aggression stemmed from comments that Nicki had been making in the media in regards to Cardi’s family and relationship with the rapper Offset, comments that Cardi felt had crossed the line and forced her to react in order to defend her daughter Kulture’s honor. Cardi did just that, throwing her stiletto shoe at Minaj and setting off a massive brawl between the pair’s entourages.

In response to comments from Nicki that Cardi needed an intervention after her antics, Cardi had to laugh at that statement, referring to Nicki’s latest antics where she seems to incite problems with other rappers and entertainers simply out of a need for attention and media coverage. As for Nicki’s denial that she has ever spoken ill of Cardi’s daughter? Well, the source says Cardi knows that is just another lie from Minaj.

Nicki issued her denial of speaking negatively on Kulture on her Queen Radio show, calling the run-in an embarrassment at an event that oozes such a high-class atmosphere and features fashion icons and superstars from all over the world. Despite Nicki’s embarrassment, the Queens rapper wasn’t above keeping the bad blood flowing, throwing in the comment that Cardi would “die” if she continued such behavior.

The source made clear to TMZ that Cardi has no plans to seek out Minaj and continue the beef, only that if a situation where she was in close proximity with anyone that had made such a disrespectful comment about her or in particular her daughter, Cardi would not hesitate to confront the situation and handle it however she felt necessary to get her point across.

While on face value each rapper’s comments imply that there will never be another intentional attack on each other, there is no doubt that there was just enough implication of a threat that it is unlikely that the two biggest female rappers in music will ever be able to share a room again.