Backstreet Boys Singer Hopes To Stop More Celeb Overdoses Like Mac Miller

One of the members of the Backstreet Boys is hopeful that his latest venture will save those suffering from drug addiction, citing the recent death of rapper Mac Miller as one of the reasons something needs to be done to help those in need.

AJ McLean, now several years clean after three stints in rehab for alcohol and drug addiction, expressed his condolences for Mac Miller and his plans to help those suffering from addiction in a recent in interview with TMZ.

"Unfortunately I did not work with Mac Miller," said the singer when approached by TMZ's cameras for a comment regarding the late rapper who died on September 7 of an apparent drug overdose.

"I was a big fan of his music," the singer remarked.

McLean, who struggled with both drug and alcohol addiction in the past, remarked that overcoming a dependency is extremely difficult for those who do not understand the addict.

"People need to understand that addiction is one of the biggest epidemics in the world," McLean reflected.

"I've been in recovery for over 18 years and its hard."
McLean then revealed his sorrow for Miller's immediate family and close pals.

"I feel horrible for his family, for his friends. You've just got to surround yourself with the right people. Some people do and others don't and it's just sad," he noted. "We lost a super talented guy way too young."

McLean then explained his involvement in an important project he has been working on before he learned of the rapper's untimely passing.
"I'm going to have some information soon. I'm getting involved with a company which will manufacture an at home, non-narcotic, opiate detox kit."
"That's another huge killer, opiates," McLean shared. "It's the number one killer across the globe right now. Unfortunately the drugs they give you to kick opiates, people get hooked on."
"Ours is non-narcotic, you can be at home with your family. I am doing whatever I can to help."
McClean remarked to Entertainment Tonight in January of 2016 that overcoming his battle with addiction is an ongoing struggle; he is glad he didn't have to do it in today's social media world.
"For me, back when I was really kinda messing up, there wasn't Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, so mine was all kind of in-house. Now, it's sad. You really can't get away with anything."
The Backstreet Boys are currently performing in Las Vegas as part of a residency at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino that will run through April of 2019. Their current hit single is titled "Don't Go Breaking My Heart."