Meghan Markle’s Mother Doria Ragland Takes Nanny Classes, Feeding Rumors Meghan Is Pregnant

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Rumors have been ramping up since the moment they wed, but now there looks to be more than meets the eye to the rumors that Harry and Meghan are expecting a baby. First, there were all the signs like certain clothing styles being favored and discreet hints at Doria’s involvement in the upcoming pregnancy.

The Express reports that Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mother, has been taking nanny classes and learning how to care for a newborn. A source reports that Ragland registered at the Cradle Company, a parenting clinic based in Los Angeles, near where she currently lives. She is taking classes on topics like breastfeeding, newborn care, childbirth, CPR, and first aid. It’s a thorough regimen that has sparked rumors that Ragland is taking them to prepare to care for a new grandchild.

However, sources also say it’s something that she has always been interested in, noting she does specialize in prenatal yoga. It’s possible she wants to expand her offerings from prenatal yoga to more childbirth coaching or a similar occupation.

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Apparently, Ragland has been discreetly receiving lessons because she is aware her attendance may cause rumors or unwanted attention.

“Two of the teachers, Brandi and Hannah, are training Doria at her home half an hour away to avoid attracting unwanted attention,” the source said. “Meghan wants to avoid hiring staff if possible once her first child arrives. The thought of having her mum move in with them and take on the role of a baby nurse is the best possible solution to that. Even more so because it’s something Doria has always wanted to do anyway. She already specializes in prenatal yoga.”

Doria is apparently also planning to relocate to England to be close to her daughter, so it could all be connected. Although, she may just want to branch out into this new career option once she moves, and is taking courses now to prepare.

Sources close to Harry and Meghan have shut down all pregnancy speculation, stating that the pair is more focused on all their upcoming royal duties and responsibilities than starting a family right now. However, rumors continue to abound and even the slightest change in stance, dress, or demeanor causes tongues to wag as people love to speculate on when the royal family might be expanding.

If anything, it looks like Harry, Meghan, and potential grandmother Doria Ragland will all be well-prepared to love and nurture a new addition to the family.