‘Flipping Out’s’ Jeff Lewis Blames Jenni Pulos For Jeopardizing His Career, Says He’s ‘Out Of Work’

Slaven VlasicGetty Images

Jeff Lewis is known for his role in the TV show Flipping Out, which follows him around as he completes design and remodeling jobs for high-end clients. The show is aptly named because Jeff is prone to flipping out at people who aren’t doing their jobs correctly. And for 11 seasons, his loyal assistant Jenni Pulos has put up with a ton of Jeff’s antics. She must have been good at it because she was his friend and employee for so long on the show, but the two reportedly had a huge fight three months ago and haven’t spoken since.

However, the drama has now bled over from reality TV to real life, and Jeff Lewis shared his side of the story in a tell-all interview on Friday during Jeff Lewis Live. He even said that he’s a “dead man walking” but wanted to share his perspective anyway, detailed People. And all of the drama that has ensued from the big fight has led to tons of problems, and Jeff can’t believe that Jenni would put him through this experience. This is what he said.

“I would never do that to a friend of 15, 16 years… I would never put someone – I love her family, I love her kids, she’s a godmother to my child, I would never do that to her.”

Unfortunately, Jenni isn’t worried about that, as she’s taken the problem to new levels by filing complaints with the network.

Jenni’s complaints include harassment, “abuse and victimization,” which she filed with the production company Authentic Entertainment. That kicked off a series of events including an “extremely time-consuming” investigation, after which Lewis was cleared of any wrongdoing.

The troubles started around the time Jenni was let go from Jeff Lewis Design. And ironically, Jeff said that Jenni was employed by the Bravo Network, and that she wasn’t actually on payroll with his business. Lewis said that “I was the one that initiated that and I did it because I thought it really was the best for both of us.”

And while Jeff thought the conversation with Jenni went well, things went sour because Jenni had already made complaints with the production company.

Now, the designer says that the show is not likely to be renewed for another season. He said that “If you are looking for a reality star, I am officially out of work. I’m available… I’m pretty sure they’re not going to keep picking up Flipping Out if she’s not on the show. And she’s not on the show.”