Dallas Cowboys News: Team Made Offer For Seahawks Earl Thomas, But It Wasn’t Good Enough

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The Dallas Cowboys are well aware that they have a few holes to fill on both offense and defense, but that is why there are other players out there. The only problem is being able to secure those players without giving too much in return, and that is where the team currently stands with safety Earl Thomas. The Seattle Seahawks know the talent they have on their hands, and they’re willing to part with him but only for the right price.

It is no secret that the six-time Pro Bowl safety has been the subject of numerous trade talks in the NFL. Sure, the Seahawks have often denied that those talks have happened and seek out to squash all of the rumors, but it’s all too consistent to have no true backing behind everything.

Now, the discussion of Earl Thomas being dealt somewhere else in the league is heating up again and it appears as if the Cowboys are a part of it. According to Clutch Points, the Cowboys had originally offered a third-round draft pick in a trade for Thomas, but Seattle wasn’t happy with that at all and declined it.

Upon raising their offer, it seems that Dallas still hasn’t put enough on the table in order to land Thomas, but they aren’t ready to give up just yet.

It wasn’t long after that trade was declined by the Seahawks that Earl Thomas revealed he would be ending his holdout. He’s going to be on the field for Seattle in Week 1 on the NFL regular season, but the animosity is still there and it is obvious that he wants a better deal.

Even though Thomas has decided to get back on the field and play football, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s happy doing it with the Seahawks. According to the Dallas Morning News, two rejections of trade offers doesn’t mean the Cowboys are finished going after the talented safety.

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The ultimate belief is that Thomas is going to continue being disgruntled and that is never a good thing for any locker room. As the trading deadline of Oct. 30, 2018, gets closer, it could become evident that Thomas is still available in a trade and that is when the Cowboys may step in again.

A trade for safety Earl Thomas is still quite possible to happen and before the trade deadline comes about this season. The Seattle Seahawks hate to lose such a talented defensive back as the iconic “Legion of Boom” has already been pretty much decimated, but it’s obvious they are playing hardball with a new deal. That being known, the Dallas Cowboys will be more than happy to wait until it is time to strike once again.