‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Week Five Recap: Hookups, Breakups, And More

Vivien KillileaGetty Images

It’s time to be whisked away to paradise as we journey to see what happened on Week Five of Bachelor in Paradise. The surroundings are lush, and so are some of the contestants. This week saw five hours of Bachelor in Paradise drama flash across the small screen, and Entertainment Weekly sums it up.

There was definitely a lot of discord in Paradise when a supposedly committed Eric Bigger chose to accept a date with newcomer Cassandra, much to the chagrin of his showtime steady Angela. It was hard to watch Eric and Cassandra talk about honesty and integrity in relationships knowing Angela was sobbing uncontrollably on the beach. Later, he ignored Angela when he and Cassandra returned, and his apology that he was simply “horny” left much to be desired.

He then tried to blame Angela for his own confusing behavior, saying she didn’t give him the vibe that she was really ready to commit to their relationship. However, Angela got her revenge by informing Cassandra about Eric’s less-than-honest behavior. She told Eric’s new lady that just the night before, he had promised Angela he would not go out with other women. Eric tried to convince Cassandra otherwise, but she had wised up.

Even though her face betrayed her disgust at his actions, Cassandra did accept a rose from Eric at the end of the episode.

In other couple news, Colton and Tia are on the same page — or are they? Tia was over the moon about her and Colton and their commitment. But it turns out, Colton is having second thoughts! He isn’t sure he wants to be with Tia! (Or he wants to be the new Bachelor more. Hint: It’s the second option).

“My whole life, that’s all I want to do is please people,” says Colton tearfully. “And the only person I hurt is myself, by staying in things.”

Tia has cried so many tears over Colton already, but she had a few more to spare. She took it better than some might have expected, telling Colton he needs to work on himself before he’s ready to commit. Colton may or may not have the chance to fully grasp his true self and why he is scared of commitment before the new season of the Bachelor, but here’s hoping.

Colton was weeping as he left, saying he must be broken if he couldn’t love Tia. Now, he gets a chance to try with many more ostensibly lucky ladies.