‘General Hospital’ Recap For Wednesday, September 5: Kim Details Oscar Crisis, Anna Reaches Out To Peter

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital had some emotional scenes that had viewers reaching for their tissues. Kim and Drew’s son Oscar is in the hospital, and now the truth about how sick he is has been revealed. The September 5 episode also had developments with Kristina, Anna and Peter, as well as Chase and Finn, and spoilers note that there’s a lot more great stuff on the way this week.

Kim has been quite distraught since Oscar was brought to General Hospital and she opened up to Elizabeth about the situation. Drew soon caught up to the news that his son was hospitalized and after visiting with Oscar, he pressured Kim to be honest about what was happening.

Oscar told Drew that he just hadn’t eaten enough and got low blood sugar, but Drew soon learned that Kim has been hiding the truth from their son. He actually has a malignant brain tumor and specialists have detailed that there is nothing more they can do to help him.

Drew urged Kim to keep fighting, perhaps consulting with Monica or other specialists. This frustrated her, as it became clear she’s done her best to find a way to treat Oscar’s condition. When Drew asked how long Oscar has, both parents got emotional as she revealed that it could be up to a year, but it might only be months.

Drew voiced concerns over the fact that Oscar doesn’t realize how sick he is. Kim was insistent that he shouldn’t be told, at least not yet. However, Drew made a strong case for how their son should have some control over how all of this is handled.

Cameron surprised Josslyn with a kiss in the park before they knew that Oscar was hospitalized, and she was stunned and angry. She didn’t hesitate to put him in his place, and she soon got a call from Oscar and both teens rushed to General Hospital.

Cam quickly got called out by Elizabeth for being out when he was grounded, and Oscar and Josslyn shared some sweet moments as he showed her the video he’d made for their anniversary. Elizabeth told Cameron that he was going to get some time added to his grounding, but she also picked up on how much he was hurting over Joss and Oscar and she gave him a big hug.

Kristina had flown back to Portland with Sam along for moral support, but the two quickly returned to Port Charles. Kristina and Sam met up with Sonny and Alexis and discussed the idea of Kristina sticking around town for the foreseeable future. They had discussions about what kind of job she might take on, and where she would live, and both Sonny and Alexis were a little stunned to hear that Kristina would live with Sam for now.

Finn and Anna are back in Port Charles, but Cassandra remains missing and they are still anxious about who is behind all of this. Despite that, they shared some romantic and giddy moments before she headed off to take care of something.

Chase paid a visit to Peter, letting him know that Anna was back in town. He also was pretty firm with Peter in urging him to give Anna the opportunity to build a relationship with him.

Later, Chase visited Finn and shared updates on things. Until now, Finn has resisted developing a relationship with his brother. During Wednesday’s episode, though, he showed a willingness to change that.

Anna paid Peter a visit, but he wasn’t particularly receptive. He wouldn’t let her say much before he showed her out the door, but she told him that she would never stop caring about him and she would maintain hope that he would eventually let her into his world.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that this storyline revolving around Oscar’s illness will be a heartbreaking one and there’s a lot of great stuff with other storylines on the way over the next few weeks as well. Viewers won’t want to miss what’s on the horizon and additional teasers about what to expect should emerge soon.