Spoilers For ‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Rough Moments Rock New Romances And A Screaming Baby Rattles ‘Uncle Joey’

Paul HebertABC

The Season 5 finale for Bachelor in Paradise airs next week and Tuesday night’s show will provide one of the last opportunities for the contestants to find love before having to head home. New sneak peeks for the September 4 show tease that this won’t come easily for everybody in the mix of things in Mexico and spoilers hint that there are some major challenges on the way.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers via the Inquisitr have already revealed that Joe Amabile and Kendall Long will get a date together, but they won’t get to do anything particularly relaxing. They’ll be tasked with babysitting Emmy Tolbert and Bella Bass, the baby girls of fan-favorite couples Jade and Tanner along with Carly and Evan.

A new sneak peek from Entertainment Weekly shows that Emmy will not be very happy with her babysitters and Joe will do his best to soothe her. He’ll laugh as he tells her that it’s okay, as “Uncle Joey” is there, but it doesn’t look like Emmy will be as charmed with him as Kendall has been.

The date area thrown together for Joe and Kendall apparently will be pretty close to where the rest of the contestants will be hanging out, as the sneak peek shows several others cringing at the continuous crying coming from Emmy. While this babysitting date could fluster Joe and Kendall, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers suggest that they’ll ultimately weather this challenge relatively well.

Unfortunately, there are other pairs in paradise that may not fare quite so well during Tuesday’s episode. ABC shared a sneak peek showing Eric Bigger and Cassandra Ferguson talking, and things are definitely awkward.

Eric blew up his relationship with Angela Amezcua in order to pursue Cassandra, but Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that Eric may leave Cassandra feeling pretty underwhelmed. She’ll question the effort he’s putting into developing their relationship and teasers hint that he’ll wind up alone and heading home soon.

Jordan Mauger and Shushanna Mkrtychyan will also share some awkward moments with one another. Jordan saved Shushanna at the last rose ceremony, and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from the latest preview note that he’ll make an effort to connect with her the next day. However, she’ll be pretty pouty about Kamil sticking with Annaliese and it doesn’t look like she’ll open herself up to Jordan.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that the Shushanna situation will become quite dramatic over the next episode or two and these shenanigans will surely get viewers buzzing. There are several couples who are reportedly still together as of the pre-taped reunion show and fans are anxious for updates on how everybody is doing.