Ashlee Simpson-Ross Opens Up About ‘Saturday Night Live’ Lip-Syncing Disaster

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Fourteen years after the lip-synching debacle that had the potential to almost end her singing career, Ashlee Simpson is speaking out about her disastrous 2004 Saturday Night Live appearance on her new reality series ASHLEE+EVAN.

The show, which will premiere on E! Entertainment Television on September 9, focuses on the couple as they try to balance parenthood, career, and the pressures of living up to their infamous family names.

The “Pieces of Me” singer reflects on her infamous on-stage mishap from 2004 in the series’ premiere episode.

“You know, I had finished my album and it was out and ‘Pieces of Me’ was number one and then all of sudden, you know, s**t happened and it was like boom,” she recalled in a confessional moment, as reported by E! News.

“And the world hated me for this SNL moment I had.”

Although the episode still haunts her, the actress and singer refuses to let the controversy hinder her career.

“For me, it was the most humbling experience of my life, because the whole world thinks everything that you just put your heart and soul into writing is a joke,” she stated in the series clip. “And that sucked.”

Instead of hiding after her mishap, Ashlee quickly recorded two additional albums.

“For me, I went back in, I made a second record, it was number one,” Ashlee reflected. “And I made a third record and I toured all the amphitheaters…and I don’t even think the world knows that I got to that place.”

The couple will document the recording of their first music collaboration throughout the six-episode series.

The Santamaria Times reported that Evan Ross noted that viewers will be treated to new music with every episode.

“The first one is coming out a few days before the premiere on September 7. This way, you get to really live with us through the entire process of making this album,” he explained to the news outlet.

“Even though, by the time we finish shooting, we’re still working on a lot of the music. We are still in the studio working. But you really get to see what is going on as we’re doing this album,” Ross revealed.

Simpson, 33, has appeared as an actress on both Melrose Place and 7th Heaven.

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She married Evan Ross, 29, a singer and songwriter and the son of legendary Motown singer Diana Ross, in August of 2014.

The couple share one daughter, Jagger Snow. Simpson is also a mother to son Bronx from her prior marriage to Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz.