The Next ‘Bachelor’ Has Been Revealed, Colton Underwood Will Be Going On His Third Journey To Find Love

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The Bachelor fans have been going back and forth on who will be the next guy to hand out those red roses on Season 23 of the ABC reality show. It was expected to be someone from Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette. In fact, three men – Jason Tartick, Blake Horstmann, and Colton Underwood – were said to be in the running for the show. Gossip guy Reality Steve has already made his prediction that it would be Colton who will be the last man standing. Was he right?

On Tuesday, Good Morning America made the official announcement that it is indeed Colton Underwood who will be the next Bachelor coming up in January 2019. He walked out onto the GMA stage with a rose in his hand to sit down with host Michael Strahan talking about his decision to try to find love for the third time.

Just one day after fans watched Colton and Tia Booth break up on Bachelor in Paradise, the former football player is now ready to go on yet another journey to find his soulmate. He said that he and Tia are now on the same page as just good friends and not meant to be together.

His goal at the end of his Bachelor gig is to find the right girl for him and to get down on one knee to propose. He was hoping that it would have happened that way with Becca Kufrin, but he was sent home after The Bachelorette decided that he wasn’t her guy.

Tanner and Jade Tolbert, who met on Bachelor in Paradise, were on hand to give Colton their expert advice on how to handle it all. Nick Viall also gave out some encouraging words to the new Bachelor, telling him just to be himself and also to try limiting the crying on the show. Viall was making reference to all the tears that flowed from Underwood in his previous times trying to find love.

The 26-year-old revealed on GMA that he is glad for his time on reality TV because it helped him to get to this point of knowing who he is and what kind of woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

“One thing I took pride in on both seasons was being true to who I am. It took all of that to get to where I’m at now and know who I am as a person and know what I want in a life partner.”

Colton may have been referring to his reveal to Becca that he is still a virgin. It came as a shock to her, and maybe to everyone watching that scene. However, he has embraced this as being true to who he is. That will very likely be a hot topic with the women as he goes on his third journey to find love.

Bachelor nation sure has their opinions about Colton Underwood. Social media is now in a frenzy over the announcement. It seems obvious from the comments that many are not happy about ABC’s decision. One person said, “They seriously chose Colton as the next Bachelor… over Jason. Literally everyone said to choose Jason. Even Becca said choose Jason and this is what they do.”

It will prove to be an interesting season of The Bachelor with Colton Underwood as the lead guy. Filming is expected to begin sometime this month. You will have to wait until January to see how it all turns out for him.