‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Jared & Ashley Get Engaged, Annaliese’s Conflicted & New Ladies Rock The Boat

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A new episode of Bachelor in Paradise airs on Monday, September 3 and this will be a wild one. Some couples think that they’re hitting all the right notes and are headed toward a future together, but a stunning split is on the horizon. An engagement is also about to take place, and some of the ladies will be feeling anxious with a rose ceremony around the corner.

As the Inquisitr previously shared, Monday’s episode is slated to have many in Mexico feeling rattled when Colton Underwood stuns an overconfident Tia Booth by breaking things off with her. They will both head home on their own, but they won’t be the only ones packing their bags before this week’s shows are over. Luckily, before too much else happens, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that a couple of franchise veterans will surprise everybody there.

Fans have known for a while now that Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti popped up during filming this season and Monday’s episode is when it happens. The show shared a new sneak peek via Twitter that shares how this big moment comes together. Host Chris Harrison will tell everybody that Ashley and Jared are going to head down to the beach and meet with the couples individually and decide who should get a date card.

Once Jared and Ashley walk away, however, Chris tells everybody that the story was false and he gathers everybody to watch as Haibon surprises Iaconetti with a proposal. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have teased that this will all be a bit awkward for Kevin Wendt, Ashley’s Bachelor Winter Games beau from last winter, but everybody else will be excited for them.

ABC has shared some additional sneak peeks into Monday’s show and the women will be scrambling. Additional women keep arriving and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers share that everybody will quickly do the math and determine that after Christen Whitney arrives there are 11 women in paradise with just seven guys, and the men will be handing out roses next.

Previous Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have suggested that a couple of the ladies will be fearing the worst for their relationships when their guys head off on a double date with two new arrivals. The latest sneak peeks share some additional context to this round of drama.

Annaliese Puccini has quickly fallen for Kamil Nicalek, but she’ll struggle when he heads off with Shushanna Mkrtychyan for a wild double date on a boat. Christen is the other gal on this date, and a preview shows Kendall Long talking about how everybody is feeling nervous about where things stand. Kendall added that things tend to get messy when the guys are passing out roses, and it looks like the next rose ceremony will be an intense one.

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While this double date is taking place, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that Chelsea Roy will spend quite a bit of time talking with Annaliese. Puccini will try to convince everybody that she’s not worried and is feeling very confident. Krystal Nielson, Cassandra Ferguson, and Chelsea will try to encourage her to stay confident but keep open to the possibilities, and she’ll try to be in that place. In a weaker moment on her own, she’ll say she’s been waiting a long time for something like this to happen and she’s not ready for it to end.

Puccini will admit to Roy that she is already feeling as if Nicalek might be “her person” as he “ticks every box and then some” for her. However, Annaliese realizes that she could end up with her heart being broken and Chelsea will caution her not to live in fear and let disappointments from her past dictate her future.

It’s not clear from the synopsis for Monday night’s episode whether the rose ceremony will take place on Monday or be held until Tuesday. Based on the photos posted by the network for Tuesday’s show, it looks as if fans might have to hang tight for that September 4 show to see who heads home next. The finale is right around the corner and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that things will get crazy during these last few shows.