Prince George’s First Day Of School Is This Week, And He’ll Be Much Busier This Year

Richard Pohle - WPA PoolGetty Images

It’s the first week of September, and schoolkids all over England are returning back to school – and that means Prince George, too. Future king of England though he may one day be, he still needs to learn his ABCs, how to tie his shoes, and so on.

As OK Magazine reports, this week the prince will turn up at London’s St. Thomas’s Battersea School for the first day of his second year of school. In keeping with William and Kate’s tradition of giving their children as normal a life as possible, he will almost certainly be brought there by his parents, just as most of the other kids in his class will be.

This year, the young prince will have more on his plate than he did last year, including some instruction into the world of music. Specifically, there will be choir and dance – ballet even! – according to the school’s website.

“Extra Ballet is very popular amongst pupils in Years 1 to 8.”

If he does well, he may even get a chance to audition for the Royal Academy of Dance when he’s a bit older. And of course, there will be the recital for the parents.

“Pupils are prepared for the examinations of The Royal Academy of Dance and also for the school’s biennial Ballet Show.”

Besides ballet, the future king will be learning Free Form dance (a sort of jazz-inspired modern dance), and what’s called “Character Dance,” which is an Eastern European dancing tradition that in some ways resembles classical ballet.

Unlike George’s first day of school last year, there won’t be any pictures this year, according to Hello Magazine. A royal correspondent says that the family is asking for privacy this time around.

“Prince George’s time at school is private and although the Duke and Duchess shared an image from his first day at primary school last year, they won’t do it every year.”

That’s in keeping with royal tradition, says the magazine: There are pictures from both Prince William and Prince Harry on their first day of their first year of school, but there are very few pictures of them at school from later years.

In case you’re craving more adorable pictures of the future king, don’t despair: Word around London is that George will be a pageboy (and his sister Charlotte a bridesmaid) when their dad’s cousin, Princess Eugenie, gets married on September 12. There will doubtless be plenty of pictures of George then.

Prince George returns to school on Thursday.