Michael Avenatti Will Organize 'Resistance Rally' On Same Night Trump Plans To Hold Massive Rally For Ted Cruz

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer of adult star Stormy Daniels, says he will hold a "resistance rally" on the same night in Texas that Donald Trump plans to hold a "major" rally in support of Republican senator Ted Cruz.

Avenatti, who has been talking up his chances of a presidential bid in 2020, wrote on Twitter that one of the best ways of countering Trump's politics was to fight it on his own terms, as reported by the Hill.

"I am excited to announce that I will be leading a large resistance rally in Texas at the exact same time of Trump's (details tba). All groups are welcome to join. We must fight fire with fire and we must send a message that we will fight to make America America again."
Trump had announced earlier this week that he would be headlining an event in support of incumbent Texas Senator Ted Cruz next month. He tweeted that it would be a mega event in the "biggest stadium" he can find in Texas, a move keeping in mind the delicate control that conservatives hold in the state, which has traditionally been red. The campaign of Democratic challenger Beto O'Rourke has shown that Texans are warming up to the idea of a liberal senator being elected into the Congress, and Trump's embracing of Cruz is seen as a strategic move for the GOP in difficult times for the party.

Even so, that hasn't stopped a countrywide panning of both Trump and Cruz, who shared an acerbic relationship during the 2016 Republican primaries. Despite Trump having attacked Cruz's wife and father, the Texas Senator has welcomed Trump's endorsement, but now it appears Avenatti wants to quash their plans.

It is not yet known if Avenatti plans to invite Beto O'Rourke to the "resistance rally," but it would be a show of support for a Democratic candidate who has pulled within single digits of Ted Cruz. O'Rourke has also reportedly been able to raise more money for his campaign, further buoyed by the wide acceptance he has received by the country's left-wing media.

Avenatti, however, also seems interested in fueling his own political ambitions, having previously teased the idea of contesting in the 2020 elections. Claiming that he is well-versed with matters of public policy because of his career as a lawyer, Avenatti was in attendance for a Democratic fundraiser in Iowa last month, calling on funders to propel him onto the big stage.

It is possible that Trump will feel further infuriated with Avenatti's plans, with the president already taking on his client Stormy Daniels in a court case.