Jinger Duggar Wows Fans With Another Snap Of Felicity, Shows Off Baby’s Huge Eyes And Sparkling Personality

Another shot of Felicity Vuolo has made Duggar fans very happy.


Another shot of Felicity Vuolo has made Duggar fans very happy.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo sure knows how to wow her fans. The Counting On star has once again melted the hearts of her social media followers by posting another photo of her and husband Jeremy’s gorgeous baby girl. This snapshot seems to have made even more of an impact than the last one.

The Duggar daughter shared a sweet, up-close picture of Felicity looking straight at the camera via her Instagram. She is wearing what looks like a white onesie and a tan hat with her name imprinted across the front. The caption read, “Is there anything cuter than this?!”

Jinger indicated that the cute cap was a gift and that she was just trying it on her daughter to get ready for fall.

The photo is a picture-perfect moment showing off the six-week-old’s sparkling personality already. She has just a slight little smile going on, but the one thing that most people noticed is the baby’s huge dark-colored eyes. The comments coming from Duggar fans indicate that Felicity has her mama’s eyes.

One person even referred back to what Jeremy had said on a recent episode of Counting On. The fan wrote on Jinger’s timeline telling her, “She’s just beautiful!! I think Daddy got his wish when he said he hoped Felicity would look like you.”

Jeremy did indeed mention when his wife was pregnant with Felicity that he was hoping that the baby looked more like Jinger than him. Fans agree that Felicity is a mini-Jinger, with a little bit of her daddy mixed in.

Another comment that someone shared praised the Vuolo’s parenting skills, even though it’s only been a few weeks. “She is beautiful and looks so happy!! Which is a reflection a lot of the time on parenting already. Good job you two! She’s gorgeous,” they wrote.

Apparently, little Miss Vuolo had her very first experience going to church last Sunday, as indicated by a previous photo that Jinger Duggar shared. It showed the family of three standing in front of the Laredo, Texas, church that Jeremy pastors.

Fans are really loving the fact that both Jinger and Jeremy feel free enough to share their daughter with them on social media. It’s obvious from the ones that Jeremy shares that he is totally smitten with Felicity. He admits that he could just sit and stare at her all day. It’s probably a good bet that Duggar fans can say the same thing.