Jeff Goldblum Doesn't Mind Being Called 'Daddy' At All, He Actually Likes It

Who doesn't love Jeff Goldblum? He's fashionable, talented, and many note how well he's aged over the years, even going as far as to say he's "aged like a fine wine."

He's gained massive popularity due to his early roles, including Jurassic Park and Earth Girls Are Easy, and he's continued stealing the stage with appearances in modern films like Thor: Ragnarok and Hotel Artemis. For many, he's an inspiration; for others, he's bonafide "daddy" material.

Just a glance at the comments on his Instagram posts will reveal a host of "zaddy/daddy" comments and quips.

While you can't exactly argue Goldblum's role as a dad -- he has two children, after all -- being a "daddy" doesn't exactly require fatherhood. Many use the word as slang when referring to an attractive man, making it a goldmine for Freudian interpretations.

However, Goldblum doesn't mind being referred to as "Daddy," or the popular alternative "Zaddy."

In the season six finale of the YouTube series Hot Ones by First We Feast, Jeff Goldblum was interviewed by host Sean Evans while eating hot wings, of all things. The episode runs for over half an hour, and the two spent a long time discussing his work as an actor, his upcoming roles, and the internet's obsession with calling him "daddy."

"It's sweet. Isn't that sexy talk? I think it means sexy talk," Goldblum said according to Jezebel. "And I am a daddy, literally… so even if they mean 'Hey, daddy,' or daddy; I am daddy."

He then goes on to ask what "zaddy" means, to which Evans explains that it's a particularly spicy or attractive "daddy."

Goldblum was very down with that nickname, saying "The spicy daddy. Yeah, sure. I like it. Zaddy!"

He then continues sampling hot wings, shifting the topic to his unique sense of style and his choice in footwear. According to The Cut, Goldblum's wife, Emilie Livingston, teased him relentlessly when he brought home a pair of "dad shoes." His children joined in, but Emilie later fell in love with the shoes and bought herself a matching pair.

He goes on to wax poetic about his wife.

"I love to see her in them. She's so sexy in them. She's a gymnast, she still possesses the most beautiful body I've ever seen in my life. Her legs are just perfect sculptures. She puts on a socklet, and she puts on that shoe with a dress. We've been together 7 years, but I'm still … deeply fascinated."
Despite the spiciness of the hot wings and their discussion about "zaddiness," this is a sweet moment in the show. Ah, love. While fans everywhere are both mortified and excited at their "daddy" finding out about the nickname, the rest of us are finding this particularly funny. Watch the entire interview here, or skip to 10:40 for the spicy bits.