Former 'RHOBH' Star Kim Richards Caught In 'Marriage Boot Camp' Lie Says 'RadarOnline'

Kim Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has now moved onto WE TV's Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars with her current boyfriend, and already she has started some controversy. It seems Richards has stated that the relationship had been ongoing for six years when she only met her current beau, Wynn Katz, two years ago.

RadarOnline says that Kim Richards claimed that she had a secret relationship with Katz for six years, and they just managed to keep it quiet.

"We just managed to keep it kind of private."
But family sources close to Richards say it's just simply not true.
"It is a complete lie. Kim has not had a boyfriend for six years. Kim met this guy two years ago."
In 2013, Richards had told the press she was taking a break from dating amidst her issues with substance abuse and arrests.
"I'm learning how to find time to focus on me. All my focus has always been on my children. I have been on a few dates and I actually just met someone that is kind of nice. So, I've actually just started my dating situation."
The last time Richards was on RHOBH she was dating someone who was on the show with her, and the two were in the process of moving in together.
Then in 2015, Richards publicly stated that she was dating Maine entrepreneur Todd Jason Voisine. But while Richards adds that she's happy and in a peaceful place in her life, according to People Magazine, she's on Marriage Bootcamp with Wynn Katz, who she now claims is her former boyfriend.
"Right now, I'm really at a peaceful place in my life, being a mom and a grandmother. It's just so amazing for me. I like not having the negativity, being at peace, waking up in the morning and going to watch my grandson or having him for a week. I'm super grateful for that."
Kim Richards also added that she had been asked to return to RHOBH but has decided that she wants to keep her private life private. This puzzles fans, because Marriage Bootcamp also pries into her personal life.
"I feel like I was so open about it and it just kind of — it really is not for anybody else but for me. It's just something I don't discuss any longer. I'm happy in my life and I just feel like even when you go to meetings, it's an anonymous program for a reason."