Kentucky Man Has Gun Pulled On Him By Burglar Stealing Cheese Grater From His Home

“Must have been a bad batch around here cause Floyd County has gone crazy here in the last four days,” Mason Tackett told Mountain News WYMT.

Tackett has good reason to believe his area has gotten a bit out of hand lately. On August 23, his neighbors notified him that his cousin, Philip Matthew Hagans, was stealing from his house. When Tackett arrived on the scene, he had no idea how bizarre or ultimately dangerous the encounter would end up becoming.

“When I finally got down here to the house to look and see what happened the door was standing wide open. It looked like he was packing up for a yard sale when he come out.”

At that point he confronted Hagans, who was quick to deny that he was stealing from his cousin. Tackett, however, noticed that several of the items the would-be burglar was holding belonged to him. And that’s when things started to go awry in a most dangerous way.

“I went around the back of that house he was at and seen my stuff. And then I come back out and he pulled a gun on me when I got back around the house,” Tackett explained, using his hand to demonstrate the gun for reporters on the scene. “I guess he thought I was upset with him.”

While having a gun pulled on you is no laughing matter, the items stolen might elicit a chuckle from some. Or make one scratch their heads. The stolen goods chosen by Hagan were, to say the least, not the normal items you’d expect a burglar to choose when breaking into someone’s home to look for loot.

“It’s the most random assortment of things. It looked like he was getting ready to go to a pallet sale,” Tackett stated.

A cheese grater, an empty spray bottle of Lysol, and a bottle of soap were the articles Hagan allegedly stole from Tackett’s house.

“Who steals a cheese grater? He’s got the works…Lysol! He stole an empty bottle of spray! What got me the most was my soap. He stole my soap! Who steals soap!?!” Tackett cried, clearly baffled by his cousin’s actions.

Mason Tackett says he plans to file additional charges against Hagan. Currently Phillip Hagan is being held on $25,000 bond. He is charged with receiving stolen property and possessing a firearm after a felony conviction. The preliminary hearing for the case was on August 28.

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