‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Executive Producer Frank Valentini Teases Drama And Twists Ahead This Fall

Craig SjodinABC

Fans of General Hospital are understandably frustrated by the lack of new episodes airing on ABC over the course of the next few days. Encore episodes are running through Monday, but spoilers suggest that there’s a lot of great stuff on the way once the soap is back with new shows. Recently, executive producer Frank Valentini shared some teasers about what’s on the way and viewers have a lot to look forward to in the weeks ahead.

Valentini spoke with Michael Fairman TV recently and addressed the status of quite a few characters and storylines. As General Hospital spoilers from the Inquisitr have previously spoiled, Genie Francis is back soon in the role of Laura and she’ll obviously be front-and-center in the Kevin and Ryan storyline. However, Valentini indicates that there’s a second big storyline she’ll be involved in this fall too, and he notes that the two stories overlap to a degree.

Elizabeth and Franco are supposed to get married this fall, but General Hospital spoilers have hinted that an upcoming family crisis may cause problems. Valentini says that the upcoming “Friz” wedding storyline will be hilarious and explosive, and fans of this pair are ready to see forward progress for them.

Several characters will soon be embarking on major storylines in the weeks ahead. Ava is still grappling with the revelation that Kiki and Griffin slept together, and General Hospital spoilers note that she has a significant storyline on the horizon.

The same can be said for Kim, and viewers know that she’s facing a medical crisis with Oscar after the seizure he had at Sonny’s house. She also will be revealing a secret soon, and it sounds as if she’ll have a big story coming up that is connected to Julian and Alexis. General Hospital spoilers note that Alexis will have something big of her own playing out this fall, and there are hints that Julian and Alexis have stuff together coming up too.

Kristina is said to have some fun stuff coming soon, but viewers shouldn’t necessarily expect to see Parker show up in Port Charles. Valentini said that everybody will see more about what’s happened between these two as things move forward, and he hints that Kristina is still hiding some details about where things stand between them.

While the romance between Margaux and Drew will continue to develop, General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveal that there’s still more to come that involves the trio of Sam, Jason, and Drew. “JaSam” fans are dying to see Sam and Jason reunite, but it sounds as if that may not be happening quite yet.

There’s more with Peter on the way, and he will remain connected to Maxie. Valentini explained that the two are tied together, no matter what else happens, and he feels there’s more story to tell there. However, it doesn’t sound as if the show will try to rush Maxie into a new romance quite yet. Frank acknowledged that she’s not ready yet, and fans will likely revolt if the writers try to push her into a romance with Peter at this point.

Anna and Finn are in the middle of a wild caper with Cassandra, but General Hospital spoilers tease that they’ll be moving forward with their romance too. Anna’s had two really great loves in the past in Robert and Duke, and it’ll be a challenge for her to really embrace being with Finn and let her guard down. Of course, he’s got a lot of walls up too, and viewers will be seeing more of his family in the coming months.

The General Hospital EP hinted that there might be more twists on the way with the baby switch storyline, and viewers were left hanging with this one at the end of Tuesday’s show. Valentini said that this saga has a twist on a double-twist involved and he admitted that it’ll be gut-wrenching to watch it all play out.

There are also twists coming up with the Nina and Valentin dynamic. He may have told her that he’d back off and allow her to proceed with the divorce, but GH fans know that he’s still hoping to change her mind and win her back. He’ll be determined to find out the truth about her not-so-dead daughter and viewers anticipate that this will be an interesting tale as it progresses.

It sounds as if there’s something for everyone this fall when it comes to intriguing storylines. Additional General Hospital spoilers will be emerging soon as the new episodes kick back into gear again and it sounds as if it’ll be a wild ride this fall for both viewers and all of the characters in Port Charles.