Louis C.K. Will Reportedly Be Accepted Upon Return To Comedy Clubs

Rich FuryGetty Images

Louis C.K. made his return to the stand-up stage on Sunday night, as covered by the Inquisitr, with an unexpected performance that was met with a mix of support and disdain after the comedian’s career appeared dead and buried. C.K. was subject to multiple allegations of sexual harassment during the #MeToo movement last November, losing all of his film and television deals.

after some reporting by TMZ, it has been revealed that while C.K. might not be so easily welcomed back to the screen, the comedian still has a home in the comedy clubs where he originally made his name in the industry.

TMZ spoke to those in charge of some of the biggest comedy clubs in New York City, Carolines on Broadway, Broadway Comedy Club, Greenwich Village Comedy Club and the Friars Club, and got their opinion on C.K. and if he would be welcomed when he makes his eventual comeback. The overwhelming response was yes, and with open arms.

“We were repulsed by his actions and there’s no question about that,” said Bill Boggs, the officer of the Friars Club. “We can’t punish people for the rest of their lives; we can’t assume they haven’t learned. People can grow and change.”

Louis Faranda, the talent exec of Carolines on Broadway, told TMZ, “We all make bad mistakes in life and everyone deserves the right to be forgiven… I totally understand the plight of the women he offended, [but] I also love Louie C.K. and cannot turn my back to him ever.”

“Everyone is entitled to a second chance. I would book Louis,” said Al Martin, the owner of the Broadway Comedy Club, Greenwich Village Comedy Club.

While the positive acceptance may surprise some who still associate the disgraced comedian with lewd allegations of masturbating in front of women without their consent, C.K. has strong relationships in the New York City comedy scene and it goes without saying that his first announced show at any of these clubs would draw massive attention and sell a lot of tickets.

Reaction amongst C.K.’s fellow comedians is decidedly more mixed. Those such as Melissa Hill feel that C.K.’s self-imposed hiatus for nine months isn’t enough to make up for his actions, describing his comeback on Twitter as part of the “#MeTooSoon” movement.

Others such as Michael Ian Black have come out in support of C.K., feeling as though he has done his time and deserves a second chance, with Ian Black receiving notable backlash for his comments.

While the Louis C.K. redemption tour seems to be approaching, it has to be said that the response will be at the very least mixed.