Emme Rylan Of 'General Hospital' Shares Surgery Details, Gets Fans Cracking Up With Instagram Play-By-Plays

Stacy Carey

Actress Emme Rylan has been playing Lulu Spencer Falconeri on General Hospital since 2013, and her storyline has been fairly serious for much of that time. In her personal life, however, Rylan tries to approach things with a smile and a laugh and that's how she's handling a surgery she needed to have done this week.

Emme Rylan recently shared some significant updates with her General Hospital fans via her Instagram page. She noted that she had been away from the social media site to an extent for a while, but she wanted to get caught up and share the latest with her fans. She explained that she would be having surgery to fix an issue with her nose this week and she was very open about everything involved.

Rylan wasn't doing this surgery for vain cosmetic reasons though. Emme explained that her son, Levi, had accidentally broken her nose a couple of years ago, and she'd needed surgery then to fix it. Unfortunately, a couple of bumps developed and the General Hospital star's doctors determined that she needed surgery again now to rectify the issue.

Tuesday was the big day, and Emme and her sister posted video clips to Rylan's Instagram Stories throughout the day. Her sister, Dayna, decided to help her have some fun with the difficult day ahead by wearing an owl outfit, and she made sure to capture the General Hospital star's reaction as she first saw it in the wee hours of the morning.

Luckily, it looks as if the surgery went smoothly and Emme was soon back home and being well taken care of by her husband. Based on the photos she shared, it's clear that Ryan will need to take it easy for a while as she recovers.

General Hospital fans hope that Emme Rylan will be back to work in no time and that this surgery will be the last she needs for this issue. Based on recent developments for Lulu in Port Charles, it sounds as if the writers have some juicy stuff on the way for the actress, and viewers can't wait to see what comes next for her.