The Real ‘Sharp Objects’ Killer Is Revealed In The First Season’s Gruesome Finale

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In the last episode of the first season of HBO’s hit new series Sharp Objects, eager fans were finally shown the real killer of Wind Gap’s girls, reported Vox.

The creepy and haunting show takes viewers on a grisly ride uncovering the mystery behind several murders of young girls living in the small town of Wind Gap. The finale not only reveals the real killer(s) behind the murders, it also includes a mid-credits scene that explains more about the show’s central mystery.

It is revealed in the final scene that Amma killed two of her friends, Ann and Natalie, and most likely killed a third friend. Viewers also see that Amma and Camille’s mom, Adora, is convicted for the two murders, although it is uncertain as to why. It is possible that she suspected that her daughter had killed the other girls and just wanted to protect her, but fans will have to wait until the next season to find out for sure.

Viewers of the show may have been able to tell throughout the entire first season that there was something off about Amma. In the second-to-last episode, it is revealed that Adora has Munchausen by proxy and has been slowly poisoning Amma with rat poison, antifreeze, and a mixture of prescription medication. Adora also poisoned another one of her daughters to death.

The chilling and psychedelic final scene shows just how disturbed Amma is as it flies through images of her killing her friends. Viewers also learn that Amma had help from her two best friends, Kelsey and Jodes, who are often seen rollerblading with Amma throughout the series.

Sharp Objects cast.
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The scariest part of the scene is watching Amma’s delight as she murders her friends. The images of her face reveal her unquenchable thirst for blood and rage as she kills each girl.

After the credits start rolling, viewers are shown one last scene in which Amma appears as the Woman in White, beckoning Natalie to the woods to kill her. This final scene ties back to the opening scene in which Amma is seen at the dinner table cosplaying as Persephone, the virgin woman who was kidnapped by Hades, the king of the underworld. Persephone becomes happily married to Hades and oversees punishment in the underworld. However, when she tries to return to the surface, she is shunned by humans.

This metaphor appears to explain Amma’s character and the motives behind her acts. Her addiction to power and death masks the love and affection she craves underneath but doesn’t believe she deserves.

The actress who plays Amma, Eliza Scanlen, explained to USA Today what she believed to be the motivation behind the murders.

“It’s a very complex situation. Amma has grown up in a very dysfunctional family, who all share a warped sense of love and understanding of intimacy, as well as pain. She’s been surrounded by people who manifest that pain and rage through destruction and self-destruction, whether it’s Adora (poisoning) her children so she can take care of them, or Camille (drinking and cutting herself). With Amma, it comes in a different form: She’s lashing out. She’s been confined for her whole life in many different ways and it’s reached a breaking point for her. Those motivations combined drove her to do what she did with so much brutality.”