Melania Trump Wanted Donald To Make A Longer Statement On John McCain’s Death

Oliver ConterasGetty Images

Melania Trump urged husband Donald to construct a more thorough statement about John McCain’s death, but he refused. Both Trumps tweeted briefly about the passing of the political icon, but that was it, and sources say that Donald Trump won’t attend McCain’s funeral (though John McCain had said that he didn’t want Trump there). Other former presidents are not only planning to attend, but at least two plan to speak about the American hero.

Hollywood Life said that Melania has pushed Donald Trump to express himself in a sincere way about McCain’s passing and to do something honorable for the family of a man who contributed so much to this country.

“Melania arranged for some beautiful white lilies and roses to be sent to Cindy McCain as soon as she learned the sad news of John’s death, along with a card expressing her condolences. Melania urged Donald to work with a speechwriter to compose a touching tribute to John, but he refused, claiming it would come across as phony given their highly contentious relationship prior to his passing.”

But sources say that Trump only tweeted anything at all so that people couldn’t accuse him of ignoring the death of John McCain entirely.

But there was no way Melania was going to convince Donald Trump to do any more than the bare minimum for a man he openly mocked, despite the fact that they were in the same political party. Trump’s tweet was fairly generic.

“My deepest sympathies and respect go out to the family of Senator John McCain. Our hearts and prayers are with you!”

A source close to the first lady says that she was already frustrated with the current state of affairs before John McCain died.

“It seems that every day, there’s a sordid new revelation or allegation involving Donald, and it doesn’t look likely to stop anytime soon. Of course, Donald does what he always does. He denies everything, but Melania isn’t stupid, and she has a good grasp on what’s reality and what’s actual fake news.”

Presidents Bush and Obama are both planning to speak about their relationship with John McCain, says People Magazine, but Donald Trump isn’t planning to attend. It’s unclear at this time whether first lady Melania Trump will attend the memorial, but it should be well-attended by friends and loved ones from around the world.

The White House has indicated that it is Vice President Mike Pence who will likely attend the funeral service of Senator John McCain in Trump’s place.