WWE Spoilers: New ‘Hell In A Cell’ Card Revealed: Huge Title Defense For Roman Reigns, Ronda Rousey To Defend


The WWE universe is looking forward to seeing how the fallout of SummerSlam affects the next pay-per-view, Hell in a Cell. As the Inquisitr reported, ahead of SummerSlam, the AT&T Center announced three matches for Hell in a Cell: Kevin Owens versus Roman Reigns, Jeff Hardy versus Randy Orton, and Samoa Joe versus AJ Styles for the WWE Championship. While some of those bouts are still intact, Roman Reigns’ match has changed, and a few others have been added. Of course, the card is still subject to change.

Warning: The below information contains potential spoilers that may give away some storylines for the next few weeks of WWE television programming.

Hell in a Cell will take place in San Antonio, Texas, on September 16. Thus far, the AT&T Center website is advertising six matches on the card, including a WWE Universal Championship bout, a WWE Championship match, and a bout for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship.

Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

It looks like the WWE Intercontinental Championship won’t be defended at Hell in a Cell. On last week’s Raw, The Shield reunited, and Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns attacked Braun Strowman to prevent “The Monster in the Bank” from cashing in on “The Big Dog.” It looks like the Ziggler and Rollins feud is far from over, though some fans think that Ambrose will eventually turn on Seth. Considering The Shield just reunited, it’s unlikely the WWE would have “The Lunatic Fringe” turn as soon as Hell in a Cell, though stranger things have happened in the WWE.

Mixed Tag Team Match

The Miz and Daniel Bryan will once again meet in the ring, but this time they will be teaming with their wives to do battle. This match won’t come as a surprise to fans, as the contest was foreshadowed at SummerSlam and on SmackDown. The Miz and Maryse will square off against Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella in a tag team bout.

Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton

It looks like this match is still in place. These two faced each other recently on SmackDown, and they battled to a no contest. Considering that weapons were used in the match, it’s likely that a stipulation, such as a falls count anywhere match, will be added to their Hell in a Cell contest closer to the WWE pay-per-view.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship

In a SummerSlam rematch, the AT&T center is advertising Ronda Rousey defending her title against the woman she beat for it, Alexa Bliss. Ronda Rousey once again attacked Stephanie McMahon on Raw, so time will tell if McMahon has something up her sleeve to get even with “Rowdy” Ronda. Rousey dominated the former champion when they met at SummerSlam, so it will be interesting to see what the WWE does differently in their rematch.

WWE Championship

The WWE has already announced this one; AJ Styles will once again defend his title against Samoa Joe at Hell in a Cell. Many fans and wrestling analysts felt that their SummerSlam bout was the match of the night, so this should be another barnburner. Given the storyline-hate that these two have for one another, it’s likely that their contest will take place in a hell in a cell contest at the WWE pay-per-view.

WWE Universal Championship

This is the big news. Originally, Kevin Owens was advertised to take on Roman Reigns, but that was recently changed. Roman Reigns will defend his championship against Braun Strowman. “The Monster in the Bank” keeps saying that he is not a coward, as he has let Roman Reigns know ahead of time that he is going to cash-in; this has occurred on two different occasions now. Many fans and pundits felt that this storyline was broken because if Braun wanted to, he could cash in his contract while Roman Reigns is fresh, rather than after “The Big Dog” has competed in a match.

There’s no rule that says the Money in the Bank holder can’t cash-in in the contract and book a match in advance. In fact, John Cena did exactly that in 2012. Cena announced on a Raw that on next week’s show, the 1000 episode of Raw, he would use the contract to challenge CM Punk.

So, with Braun saying that he’s not a coward, and then allowing Roman Reigns to compete before he tried to cash-in, many pundits argued that he was actually being a coward. Many fans felt like this was poor booking for “The Monster Among Men,” as not only is he a babyface, but he is supposed to be fearless. It’s likely that the WWE has heard these complaints from both fans and analysts alike, and it wouldn’t be surprising if this match is booked because Braun Strowman cashes in his contract before the pay-per-view, challenging Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship at Hell in a Cell.