WWE News: Update On Paul Heyman’s Future With Brock Lesnar Now Gone From WWE


After losing the WWE Universal Championship to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam, it is rather expected that Brock Lesnar‘s run with the company is done. He is expected to return to the world of MMA and begin fighting in UFC once again. While WWE has more than enough talent to step in for the loss of Lesnar, many are wondering what is going to happen with Paul Heyman since his one and only client is no longer under contract.

For many years, Paul Heyman has been the speaker and manager of Brock Lesnar, but now, he is without a client. There is very little doubt that Heyman is one of the most brilliant minds in professional wrestling and he has been for the last three decades across multiple promotions.

WWE has already lost Lesnar, but they don’t really want to lose Heyman at the same time. He can easily provide a lot for the company in an on-camera role of some capacity and backstage as well. The only question, though, is what can he do or who can he manage?

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Wrestling Inc., the door is open for Lesnar to return to WWE in the future, but Heyman is valuable now. That being said, his future could still mean that he’s staying with the company and finding a new “client” soon.

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For quite a long time, there have been rumors that Ronda Rousey could end up being the next client for Paul Heyman. After winning the Raw Women’s Championship from Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam, Rousey is expected to have a rather lengthy title reign and it certainly wouldn’t hurt for her to become a “Paul Heyman Girl.”

Wrestling Inc. thinks this would be unlikely as Rousey is the top babyface on Monday Night Raw and the nemesis of the mega-heel Stephanie McMahon. If Rousey were to be led by Heyman, she would have to turn heel as well and it would negate that whole feud.

Last week, Inquisitr reported that Samoa Joe said he wouldn’t mind becoming a “Paul Heyman Guy” if the opportunity was a good fit for him. Joe is in the middle of a chase for the WWE Championship on SmackDown Live, and he would certainly not have his career hurt by falling under the guidance of Paul Heyman.

The loss of Brock Lesnar is one that is both huge and small for WWE. He is still a huge name in both wrestling and MMA, but he was also a part-time superstar who really wasn’t in the ring a whole lot. Honestly, the bigger loss in this situation would be to have nothing for Paul Heyman to do, but there are still options. Only time will tell, but if it is up to WWE, they’re going to find a way to keep Heyman on their payroll.