Mueller ‘Closing In’ On Trump Organization, Tax Return Secrets, George W. Bush’s Ethics Lawyer Says

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It has been a turbulent week for President Trump. Allen Weisselberg, the longtime chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, as the Inquisitr reported, was granted immunity by federal prosecutors working on the Michael Cohen probe. Cohen flipped on Trump, and Weisselberg may do the same.

Likewise, behind head of the Special Counsel investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections Robert Mueller is also a turbulent week, but it seems like Mueller has a lot to look forward to. As Bloomberg‘s Timothy L. O’Brien argued in an op-ed published yesterday, Allen Weisselberg’s immunity could be a real game changer for the Special Counsel.

Richard Painter, the former ethics lawyer for former President George W. Bush, shares O’Brien’s opinion.

“I have to say that every white-collar criminal defense lawyer knows when the chief financial officer turns state’s evidence, everyone in the executive suite is in a lot of trouble because the chief financial officer knows exactly where the money is coming and going,” Painter said today, according to The Hill.

According to Painter, Mueller is “closing in on the basic financial structure of the Trump Organization,” and perhaps even the reasons the POTUS has not released his tax returns yet. What Mueller may find there is, former President George W. Bush’s ethics lawyer suggested, “really quite ugly.”

Considering Robert Mueller is closing in on Trump, steamrolling the president’s campaign, and his closest confidants against him, it comes as no surprise that the POTUS is threatening to fire Mueller, trying to find ways to end his probe.

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“Remember, that every time Bob Mueller gets anywhere near Donald Trump’s money, Donald Trump starts threatening to fire Bob Mueller,” is how Painter described Donald Trump’s attacks on Robert Mueller.

In recent weeks, Donald Trump and his team of lawyers, spearheaded by Rudy Giuliani, continued to discredit, attack, and mock Robert Mueller. Both Giuliani and the POTUS have been calling for Mueller to end the probe, with Giuliani suggesting that Mueller should end the investigation “without further delay,” according to CNBC.

President Trump has continued to smear Mueller’s investigation via Twitter, referring to it as a “rigged witch hunt,” repeatedly reaffirming his claim that there has been no collusion and no coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign.

In the eyes of the American public, however, Donald Trump’s attacks on the Russia probe are becoming less, and less effective. As the Washington Post reported on August 23, citing a new poll, 59 percent of registered voters approve of Mueller’s investigation into Russian election meddling.