Khloé Kardashian And Best Friend Malika Haqq Pose With Stacks Of Money As Phones

Lisa Maree WilliamsGetty Images

Khloé Kardashian and Malika Haqq are best friends, so it’s no surprise that the friends post about each other often. On Friday night, Khloé posted a photo of the pair using their loads of cash as cell phones.

In the Instagram photo, the best friends are seen squatted down on the floor surrounded by wads of cash, and both Khloé and Malika use handfuls of the bills as make believe phones.

Dressed in similar outfits, the childhood best friends wore denim jeans with holes in them and black tank tops. Malika wore her long hair down and had a surprised look on her face, while Khloé showed off a light colored hat and a popping highlight.

Khloé captioned the duo’s photo claiming that the pair are certainly BFFs.

“Best Friends FOREVER!!! Run all you want!!! I’ll find you anywhere Mik!”

Best Friends FOREVER!!! Run all you want!!! I’ll find you anywhere Mik! ????

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In less than 30 minutes, the photo received over 100,000 likes and multiple comments with fans swooning over the duo.

“Love this! Best friends are so special!” an Instagram user wrote.

“Cute af” another said of the best friend’s matching attire.

The two continue to have each other’s backs through parenthood and Instagram trolls. Earlier this month, Khloé went off on an Instagram user for a hateful comment posted under Malika’s photo.

My security. My Man. My boi Kev.

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The user commented on the photo saying, “GIRL BYE!!!!! If it wasn’t for Khloé you would be a nobody… wait who are you again?” Although Malika’s fame rose with her best friend’s, Khloé clapped back in the sweetest way defending her.

“We are all entitled to our own opinions,” she commented back. “And yes, love, you may have yours. But no need to be cruel when life is negative enough. But if it wasn’t for Malika then who knows where I would be emotionally. She’s been my BFF since we were children. Loyalty and love means more to me than anything else ever could. Fame is fleeting. Malika is not.”

On Khloé’s birthday, Malika posted a loving birthday tribute to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star on Instagram. She shared with fans how grateful she is for her best friend and their “20 years of wordless conversation.”

Malika credits her best friend for showing her the meaning of love and the “art” of forgiveness, she even calls Khloé her sister, thanking her for granting her a “niece,” True Thompson.

The pair’s friendship is over 20-years-old, as they first became friends as children. Khloé said Malika’s loyalty and love mean more to her than anything else, and although “fame is fleeting,” her BFF is here to stay.